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Love Island Fans Encourage Paige To Flaunt Her 'Natural Hair' In Villa

Love Island Fans Encourage Paige To Flaunt Her 'Natural Hair' In Villa

The beauty's naturally curly locks were unveiled on Instagram...

Love Island fans are calling on Paige to embrace her naturally curly hair after it was unveiled on social media.

The paramedic, 24, has only been seen with straight hair on the show, but the people running her Instagram account revealed its natural state in a throwback snap.

Alongside the older snap, they suggested the reality TV star should 'wear her hair like this more often'.

The paramedic's nearest and dearest added of the selfie: "For everyone asking to see more of Paige's natural hair. She should definitely wear it like this more often."

Paige's natural locks!
Instagram / paigethornex

Reacting to her curly hair, one fan wrote on Twitter: "Got to know today that Paige's hair is naturally curly. So pretty!"

A second pleaded: "pls curl ur hair or something paige, it's not everyday straight hair [sic]."

News of Paige's natural hair comes as she was left in tears after Jay expressed an interest in getting to know her, despite her being happily coupled up with Jacques.

She was upset that Jacques didn't reassure her at the time, but she's now admitted that she's enjoying getting to know Jay better.

After choosing to recouple with Paige, Jay asked her how she felt about sharing a bed with him instead of Jacques.

She replied: "Ah no it was all good, I enjoyed our pillow talk, it was nice to get to know each other, do you know what I mean?"

The paramedic later said of the boys in the beach hut: "It's an awkward one because the boys – Jay and Jacques – you couldn't get more opposite guys in here, really."

Paige smiling.

However, while Paige might be more open to getting to know Jay, for now, she appears to want to spend time with both boys.

Prior to entering the villa, when asked why she was single, Paige said: "I came out of a relationship and I was just so done with guys so was like, 'Right, that's it. I’m going to focus on me.'

"Then I was like, 'Ok, I’m bored now, I'm lonely and I miss love and the connection and everything else.' I've been on a few dates but I just haven't clicked with anyone."

Who do you think Paige has the better connection with, Jay or Jaques?

One thing is for sure, she has been true to her word so far that she was going to bring 'lots of bubbly energy' to the villa!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/paigethornex/ITV

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