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Deborah James Claps Back At Haters Over Meghan Markle Joke

Deborah James Claps Back At Haters Over Meghan Markle Joke

Deborah has spoken out.

Deborah James has clapped back at haters after facing criticism for her recent Meghan Markle joke over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

The podcaster, columnist, and cancer campaigner announced just last month that, after being diagnosed with bowel cancer back in 2016, she planned to stop pursuing active treatment and is now instead receiving end of life treatment.

After sharing the heartbreaking news, Deborah managed to raise an incredible £6 million for cancer charities that were close to her heart through her Bowel Babe Fund.

Deborah faced some criticism for making a Meghan Markle joke. (

Deborah has since moved out of her family home and back in with her parents in Woking to live out her final days.

The mum-of-two has also been issuing health updates to concerned fans through interviews, social media updates, and columns.

In her latest conversation with The Sun over the weekend, Deborah cracked a joke that she was 'determined not to die over the Jubilee weekend'.

She then added: "I don't want Meghan stealing my thunder."

The comment sparked so much backlash from readers that Deborah was forced to log on to social media and defend herself.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "Meghan comment is a joke, apparently you can still find a send off fun in your day!"

Deborah joked that she didn't want Meghan to 'steal her thunder'.  (

She continued: "The rest is not. Is dying the last taboo of them all? I thought poo talk was hard, but navigating end-of-life care makes checking your poo easy by comparison of DNR chat and respect documents!"

Despite the negative comments she received, Deborah managed to make the most of her Jubilee weekend, announcing that her brother Benjamin had proposed to his long-term girlfriend Ashley.

Posting a gorgeous photo of from the day to her Instagram, Deborah wrote: "Congratulations to @benjaminrjames and @ashleyclairehall for finally getting engaged after 11 years!

"If you ever followed my podcasts, brother banter features highly, and even Prince William joined in on the action recently! The question to my brother has alway been why haven’t you proposed! As a family everyone knew they both wanted to, it wasn’t like the it’s been off the cards it’s just always been apparently about 'the right time.'"

She continued: "Of course I’m sad I won’t see the wedding but it gave me an excuse to throw my last impromptu party (and I even sat at the table for a bit of it!!)."

Last month, Deborah was awarded with a Damehood for her strength, inspiration, and efforts to raise awareness. Prince William even popped over to visit her at her parents' home for afternoon tea and champagne to celebrate the news.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thebowelbabe/Alamy

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