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Fans are loving David Schwimmer's cheeky reply to Jennifer Aniston’s shower photo

Fans are loving David Schwimmer's cheeky reply to Jennifer Aniston’s shower photo

He's her lobster!

Even 18 years after they filmed their final episode together, Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are still the world's favourite TV couple.

Having played the iconic on-again-off-again Ross Geller and Rachel Green for ten years, the pair obviously have a pretty strong connection, and fans are thrilled to see that it's just as strong as ever.

The actors delighted fans this week with a hilarious Instagram exchange that saw David, 55, pull out all the stops to poke some fun at Jen, 53.

Our forever favourite TV couple.
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It all started when Jennifer posted a photo of herself washing her hair in the shower.

Facing her back to the camera with suds in her hair, she hinted that an announcement was on the way regarding her haircare company Lolavie.

She captioned the photo: "Something's coming 9.8.22".

The post was flooded with comments from super-fans, excited to see what Jennifer had in store for them.

But rather than adding to the comments like everyone else, Jen's former co-star decided to take things one step further.

David decided that the best way to get Jennifer's attention - and the attention of his own 6.7 million followers - was to completely recreate Jen's shower photo.

Covering his entire face in suds and pouting for the camera, Schwimmer stood topless in his own shower.

Replying to Jennifer's original post, David tagged the actor in his caption, writing: "@JenniferAniston - a towel I hope??"

Needless to say, fans absolutely lost it when they saw David's post, and took to the comment section to discuss - of course, the Friends references were endless.

"See? He’s her lobster", commented one follower.

"MY EYES! MY EYES", joked a second.

"STOPPP IT MY HEART", wrote a third.

Even Jennifer herself commented on David's post, writing: "Schwim!? Trying to steal my thunder!?"

This isn't the first time this year that Jen and David have made headlines over their sweet interactions.

Back in January, the TV stars had fans on their knees when an old clip of a 2016 Friends reunion resurfaced.

During the NBC special, host Andy Cohen asked the core cast about a rumour that they had to sign contracts promising they wouldn't sleep with each other while the show was filming.

When David reacts to the question, Jennifer whips her head around to shoot him a look, while the other cast members quickly brush past the question.

While it's possible that any of the core six could have gotten together at one point or another throughout their ten years of filming, Ross and Rachel supporters hope it was David and Jen who might have broken the supposed 'contract'.

Just get these two together, already!

Featured Image Credit: Collection Christophel/Alamy Stock Photo/Instagram/jenniferaniston

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