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Coco Austin divides opinion over ‘inappropriate’ video with seven-year-old daughter

Coco Austin divides opinion over ‘inappropriate’ video with seven-year-old daughter

Coco Austin took to TikTok to do a dance with her daughter Chanel and fans had some thoughts

Actor Coco Austin has divided fans after posting a TikTok dance with her daughter, with some calling it ‘cute af’ and others slamming it as ‘inappropriate’. You can see Coco and her daughter’s moves in the vid below:

Coco shares daughter Chanel with rapper and heavy metal singer Ice-T, who she’s been married to since 2002.

Like many parents before her, Coco found herself roped into a TikTok dance with her seven-year-old.

It was 10/10 for effort honestly, with both Chanel and Coco showing absolute commitment to their routine.

And while the dance to the Black Eyed Peas' ‘Boom Boom Pow’ was labeled ‘too cute’ and ‘mother and daughter goals’ by some fans - others were less impressed.

A moment in the routine that particularly attracted fans' ire saw Chanel slap Coco’s bum.

The dance has divided fans.

One disgruntled fan wrote: “It is not appropriate for a little girl or her mother," while another said: “Lady, what is wrong with you????”

And a third added: “Passing along all the wrong things as a parent.”

It has to be said though, the vast majority of people saw nothing wrong with the dance and couldn’t understand why people were getting so worked up about the bum slapping.

One wrote: “What’s weird about this? This is freaking adorable.”

Another said: “Dancing with your Mommy is inappropriate?”

And a third called Coco and Ice-T ‘definitely The GOAT in everything y'all do from Styling to Parenting’.

Tyla has contacted a representative for Coco Austin for comment.

Either way, we doubt celebrity power couple Coco and Ice-T will let fans' comments worry them.

Chanel is no stranger to the limelight either, making her runway debut at New York Fashion Week in 2017 when she was just 14 months old, with her and her dad sporting matching Adidas tracksuits.

Most fans thought the dance was 'cute af'.

Chanel has also picked up some flack for continuing to breastfeed Chanel when she was five years old.

She told E! News in 2021: “I always thought I wasn't going to go on and on with this breastfeeding thing.

“I thought I would stop more like around one. Then I loved it too much, and I'm like, 'I feel like I'm wanted, like she wants me.'

"I think a lot of mothers would understand.”

Coco's husband Ice-T also stepped in to defend his wife, writing on Twitter: "News Flash! We feed Chanel FOOD... She just likes to suck moms boob every now and then... Me Too!!!"

He also hit back at a troll: "Why the F are you worried about MY Child??? That's what's weird.. Now go back in the basement."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chanel

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