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Coco Austin divides opinion after revealing she bathes six-year-old daughter in the kitchen sink

Coco Austin divides opinion after revealing she bathes six-year-old daughter in the kitchen sink

Coco has raised a few eyebrows

Coco Austin is raising a few eyebrows after revealing that she sometimes bathes her six-year-old daughter Chanel in the kitchen sink.

The model and TV personality had filmed a 'get ready with me' video for her three million Instagram followers before bringing her daughter to her first ever fashion show.

After doing her own hair and makeup, and picking out their outfits, Coco moved on to getting her youngster ready for the event.

Coco has sparked controversy after revealing she still sometimes washes her daughter in the sink.
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The next clip featured little Chanel, who Coco shares with husband Ice-T, taking a bath in the kitchen sink while scrolling through her iPad.

She added text to the video that explained: "The sink is easiest when you have to be fast."

But despite Coco's explanation, the decision to wash her six-year-old in the kitchen sink has sparked quite an intense debate in the comment section.

"Can’t believe Chanel is still petite enough to have a sink bath", commented one stunned viewer.

Some people were horrified to see that Coco was still washing her child like a baby.

One wrote: "I think she's a bit too old for the sink! If she can put her lil heels on, she can get in the shower or bath tub. I understand it’s your only child, but she’s growing up and some thing’s aren’t for the world to see, such as her in the bath [sic]."

"Are you kidding?!" asked a second. "In the kitchen sink!! SHE’s not a BABY ANYMORE!"

A third complained: "You can do your hair in the bathroom, but can’t bathe your child in the tub where baths are meant to be... instead you have her in the kitchen sink... she’s six not one stop bathing her and teach her to do it..."

Others were quick to defend Coco's parenting decision, insisting that sink baths were 'the best'.

One wrote: "Yep! If the sink big enough. I have a two year old an if he could fit in mines that’s where he would be most of the time! An so I’m not bending over hurting my back lol."

A second raved: "Your daughter is definitely your BFF. Cutest thing ever", while a third added: "Sink baths are the best".

This isn't the first time that Chanel and Ice-T have caused a stir over their parenting, either.

When it was revealed that Coco and Ice-T still push their 6-year-old around in a stroller, there was uproar.

"Isn’t she like 6 yrs old! Should she be out of a stroller by now?!" asked one of Coco's followers when she posted a snap of Chanel in the pram.

"A stroller really? Let that girl grow up", complained another.

It wasn't long before Coco decided to hit back at her critics and took to Twitter, writing: "Oh lord!! Really people? The world loves to criticise literally everything I do!"

Ah, the life of a celebrity!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/cocoaustin

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