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Britney Spears sparks concern after claiming she's releasing X-rated movie this week

Britney Spears sparks concern after claiming she's releasing X-rated movie this week

The singer took to Twitter to share news of the 'movie'

Britney Spears fans have expressed concern for the star after she teased the imminent release of what looks to be an X-rated movie.

Internet users are no strangers to sharing their thoughts when it comes to Spears, with support for the star stemming back years as details about her life under conservatorship began to emerge.

Even after Spears was freed from the conservatorship and married her husband Sam Asghari, she continued to incite worry with some of her posts, including a recent post which showed her crying while dancing.

The 40-year-old is now back in the spotlight thanks to a post shared on Twitter in the early hours of this morning (19 October), which included a picture of her posing naked on a bed with one hand over one boob.

Alongside the image, Spears announced: "I have a premiere for a movie this week."

In apparent reference to her conservatorship, she claimed the film was titled: “THE LEGISLATIVE ACT OF MY P*SSY“ !!!!"

Spears took to Twitter to share the picture and 'movie' announcement.

The post came in the midst of other tweets in which Spears promoted her new release, 'Hold Me Closer', for which she collaborated with Elton John.

The sudden and unexpected saucy post sparked confusion and concern from fans, with one person suggesting the post may not actually have come from Spears herself.

They wrote: "Feels like someone is still controlling her social media / making her look bad on purpose to restore the conservatorship."

Another fan agreed, responding: "I was like this can’t be real. Sad."

The nude post comes after Spears stripped off for a post on Instagram earlier this month, where she could be seen posing naked on a beach with her hands and emojis used to cover her private parts.

Alongside that image, she wrote: "The people in the background will have a story to share for generations to come."

Spears was freed from her conservatorship in 2021.
PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo

Though the images have prompted some to share worries over Spears, other fans have argued that she is simply enjoying owning her own body and life.

Responding to the picture shared today, one supportive fan commented: "Britney taking back her freedom and power. I’m so happy for you!"

Another wrote: "Y’all haters need to stop with the hate already. Britney is fine. If she wants to show off what god gave her that’s her business. Don’t like it? Unfollow and block her. It’s that simple."

Spears has previously opened up about how she had an IUD which prevented her from getting pregnant while she was under her conservatorship, claiming at the time: "They don't want me to have children — any more children."

The singer was freed from the agreement after a judge agreed last November to bring it to an end.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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