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Britney Spears fans convinced husband Sam Asghari's latest video uses body doubles

Britney Spears fans convinced husband Sam Asghari's latest video uses body doubles

Fans are concerned over the post.

Fans are confused over Sam Asghari's recent Instagram post, with many claiming the man and woman in the post are not Sam or his wife Britney Spears.

Sam, 28, shared a photo and a video of him and Britney a couple of days ago. The couple can be seen sitting on top of a hill and meditating.

"A little hike & a little meditation on Christmas Day goes a long way... my wife is really becoming a meditation guru and I love it... Merry Britmas to you all from Samta & Britney," he captioned the post. You can watch the video below:

But after sharing the post, fans were quick to weigh in on the pair, with many claiming it's not them at all.

One person wrote: "The first photo is definitely not Britney! The girl is clearly wearing a wig."

While another said: "Not even gonna lie that doesn’t even look like Sam when you zoom in! Like look at his chin, that’s not him!!"

A third added: "That sure isn’t Sam and it’s very questionable if that’s Britney."

A fourth commented: "Definitely not a conspiracy theorist but I don’t think the photo is either. I think body doubles. Look at his arms in other photos they aren’t as jacked here."

"Oh my goodness do any of you seriously believe this is really Britney Spears? Or Sam for that matter!? These set ups are getting ridiculous. Where tf is Britney!?" said another fan.

Fans were quick to weigh in on the pair, with many claiming it's not them at all.

Others had the opposite opinion, with many confused as to why people were sceptical over the post.

One said: "Just let this woman live her life. I don’t know what’s wrong with you I don’t know if it’s a state of the world but you all need to stop. You’re not helping her."

And another added: "Why the heck are ppl saying that's not Britney??? It's clearly her! Her profile, head, forehead. I'm literally tired of all the fans making theories."

Recently, fans have been questioning whether Britney is in control of her social media accounts, with many wondering why her comments are turned off on her posts, while others felt that it 'wasn't her' posting.

One wrote: "Is anyone else worried about Britney Spears? Her Instagram comments are off now because people kept commenting that they don’t think she’s safe and that it’s really her posting. And her posts have been so bizarre. I hope she’s okay though."

Britney turned the comments off on her post.

Others meanwhile, claim that her content on Instagram is edited with a green screen.

Britney recently marked one year since the termination of her controversial conservatorship, which she was trapped in for 14 years.

The pop-idol had been put into the legal guardianship in 2008 after a series of shocking public incidents.

Originally, it was just a temporary conservatorship, which would see her father Jamie Spears in charge of both her estate and financial affairs.

However, the conservatorship lasted until November 2021, after Britney's father was suspended as the legal guardian of both her and her affairs.

Tyla has contacted Britney's reps for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@samasghari

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