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Blake Lively faces backlash from fans after launching new alcohol line

Blake Lively faces backlash from fans after launching new alcohol line

She has launched a new line of alcoholic drinks, despite not being a drinker herself

Blake Lively is facing backlash from fans after launching a new range of alcoholic drinks, despite being a non-drinker herself.

Lively, 35, chooses not to drink alcohol, but previously revealed she’s more than happy to whip up some beverages at home.

Speaking to USA Today back in 2018, the mum-of-four said: “I think I’m an amazing mixologist at this point. I am the in-house mixologist in my family.”

She continued: “I love to muddle berries and shake things up with ice and swirl vermouth around and spritz and twists, all that’s fun for me.

“I love the idea of making a drink. I just think the taste of alcohol in general is not my favorite.”

The actor, who is married to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, has now launched a new line of sparkling cocktails, Betty Booze – a sister line to her range of non-alcoholic drinks called Betty Buzz.

The line includes a sparkling tequila drink with oak smoked lemonade, another sparkling tequila with lime shiso and a sparking bourbon beverage with ‘apple ginger sour cherry’.

Lively's new range of Betty Booze drinks.

Unveiling the new products on Instagram, Lively said: “Drinking isn’t my thing. But for f* sake, flavor is.

“Homemade recipes. Real fruit. Real ingredients. Quality booze. No crap. Also a real time saver. Which is why I really did it.”

But while some fans were excited for the new drinks, many people criticised Lively.

One commented: “Are you actually joking? You don't drink alcohol yourself and now promoting tequila infused cans! Aimed at no doubt a market of women and mothers! Do you know how lethal and damaging these messages and products are? I'm sick of alcohol free celebrities pushing alcoholic products to make yet more money!”

Someone else said: “Possibly unpopular but I’m slightly bummed about this. I love that Betty Buzz occupied an alcohol-adjacent space but it was its own thing, especially since Blake Lively famously doesn’t drink alcohol.”

A third wrote: “How can you market/create a product you don’t openly consume yourself? Come the f on now...”

Another added: “It’s so lame when celebrities who don’t drink suddenly promote alcohol.”

While neither Lively nor her brand have responded directly to the backlash, Betty Booze replied to one critic on Instagram, saying: “Blake famously makes cocktails for friends and family at home (even if she doesn't drink them herself) so we bottled up her homemade recipe for others to enjoy!”

She has faced backlash for launching the line, as she is not a drinker herself.

In a more recent Instagram post, Lively also explained that the two lines of drinks were aimed at different audiences.

"@bettybuzz good for all ages and preferences. Zero alcohol. @bettybooze for those who want the alcohol. …Because that’s what hosts do. We make something for everyone. And not usually ourselves. Wait, I’m describing moms now.”

Many fans also came to Lively’s defence, with one writing: “All those upset that someone who doesn’t drink is selling alcohol - relax. Why on earth wouldn’t she? She is talented and passionate about creating art from flavor, and any good company (or human) creates things for others (not only for others who happen to be/think the exact same as they do). I am a trainer, and personally I lift heavy and train in a gym. Yet I am passionate about women’s fitness, therefore I create and sell programming for pregnancy, post partum, bodyweight training, etc— because not everyone can or wants to train in a gym. @blakelively I for one think this/you is BRILLIANT. And can’t waitttt to try it.”

TYLA has reached out to Blake Lively for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@blakelively

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