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Woman who just turned 101 says tequila is the secret to a long and happy life

Woman who just turned 101 says tequila is the secret to a long and happy life

Mary credits the Mexican tipple as being the secret to a long life.

A woman who has just celebrated her 101st birthday has shared her secret to living a long and happy life - and it might surprise you. Have a listen to what she had to say:

Mary Flip, from Arizona, who was born in 1921 and lived through multiple wars as well as the Great Depression, has revealed the secret to a happy life - tequila.

Mum to six children, Mary spent her early life living in Illinois, but when her mother and sister sadly passed away, she moved to Mexico where she got married and lived as a rancher.

Mary says tequila is her secret to a happy life.

Speaking to NBC15, Mary explained how she moved back to Chicago when she became pregnant, having a total career switch and becoming an artist instead.

“I really like to draw. And I was able to figure out that things change even as you’re drawing them. So, I was able to develop and make them look real. It took time but I had nothing else to do except raise a bunch of kids,” she explained.

And it seems Mary has maintained her humour well into her hundreds, with her daughter asking: “How do you feel, Ma?” To which Mary replied: “With my hand."

Mary's daughter also asked her about her secret to a long life, which she replied: "Oh, my secret. Hmm, I don't know. Tequila."

As well as tequila, it seems Mary is also partial to a Guinness, explaining she was treating herself to her favourite beer for her birthday.

As family and friends danced around her, she joked: “Oh, I’ll get up on the table.”

Mary has maintained her humour well into her hundreds.

Mary isn't the only one who's credited the occasional tipple with being the secret to a long life.

Mary Nicholson, who lived until the age of 107 before sadly passing away, said the secret to her old age was drinking full fat milk, eating cream and butter and a 'tipple of whisky at night'.

The former canteen cook lived a hard life, losing her mum when she was just five and her dad five years later, but always remained positive.

She was born on January 12th, 1915, just before WWI broke out and her mum died of diabetes five years later.

Her dad had enlisted in WWI as a medic and was gassed during the war - when he returned he was very ill and sadly died a short time later.

Mary's niece Jean Humphreys, 68, said she'd always been inspired by her, branding her 'fiercely independent, but also funny and loving'.

You can read all about Mary here.

Featured Image Credit: NBC15

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