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Beyoncé 'earned $280,000 a minute' for performing at controversial Dubai gig

Beyoncé 'earned $280,000 a minute' for performing at controversial Dubai gig

Headlining a controversial Dubai concert, Beyonce has made a lot of money.

Over recent days, pop icon Beyonce has divided opinion after embarking on her first show in five years in Dubai.

The singer has faced much backlash for performing at the opening of the new hotel, Atlantis The Royal, in the middle eastern country.

But she wasn't alone, as the popstar was joined by many of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Olivia Culpo, Jay-Z, Halle and Chloe Bailey.

Beyonce has faced criticism from the LGBTQ+ community in particular for the appearance as homosexuality is illegal in the country.

Many people have highlighted that Beyonce is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, with her latest album Renaissance viewed as a tribute to Black queer culture.

But if you find out how much Beyonce has made from the show, then you may understand why she has done it.

Obviously, there is the debate that no money should change your principles and what you believe in.

Beyonce made a staggering amount from the recent controversial gig in Dubai.
Francis Specker / Alamy Stock Photo

But Beyonce apparently made $280,000 per minute at the recent concert in Dubai.

According to reports, Beyonce brought in a massive $24 million for the gig, which works out at $282,352 per minute.

While some people now see why Beyonce decided to do the show, there are many fans of the singer who are not pleased with her decision to headline the show and see it as a simple cash grab.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: "No beef but I’m struggling to understand why Beyoncé, who has half a billion dollars, would accept 20 million dollars to make her debut performance of the Renaissance album, a record which lifts heavily from queer culture, in Dubai, a country where LGBT rights aren’t recognised."

The fan also pointed out that zero songs from her new album were sung at the concert, an album described as a 'love letter to Black queer pioneers of dance music from the past and present'.

Some fans are not happy Beyonce chose to perform in Dubai.
Kristina Kokhanova / Alamy Stock Photo

Meanwhile, a second added: "Beyoncé doing a paid for press tour in Dubai doesn’t sit well with me.

"Especially with the influences for Renaissance being queer ballroom culture and it’s illegal and a death sentence to be gay in Dubai like????"

However, Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's father, has stepped in to defend his daughter's decision to perform in Dubai.

In an interview with TMZ, Knowles said that the concert - which has divided opinion - has untied a diverse audience and that Beyonce gave and received respect from Dubai.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/beyonce

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