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Women Are Debating Whether To 'Let' Your Man See You Without Makeup

Women Are Debating Whether To 'Let' Your Man See You Without Makeup

After a controversial statement about make-up by Charlotte Tilbury, women are debating whether your man should see you without makeup.

Makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury has sparked debate on social media after she revealed that she never lets her husband see her without make-up.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Tilbury says she wants all women to feel "the most beautiful" whether that's going to Tesco or doing the school run.

explained that her motivation is to "make everyone feel the most empowered, the most beautiful" even when going to

But it was her admission that neither of her husbands - she's been married twice - has seen her without make-up, that really set tongues wagging.

Tilbury says she wears eyeliner to sleep. (
Apostolos Vamvouras/Unsplash)

Tilbury said: "My husband] George has never seen me without a bedroom eye", adding that he has "never, ever, ever" seen her without makeup, which she believes "keeps the magic alive" in their relationship.

Not everyone agreed, with one person tweeting: "My advice to single women is never marry someone who you feel you need to do this for."

Another commented that if you aren't comfortable enough in "your husband's company... then that's not a healthy relationship."

A third person said, "And we go live to 1952."

Experts say wearing makeup to sleep isn't good for your skin. (
Sonia Roselli/Unsplash)

A fourth tweeted: "What about when you're vomiting with norovirus and they're rubbing your back? Or in labour? Or on a 20hr flight? Or hungover together ordering dominos? Life always in makeup isn't realistic."

However a small number of women said they would do the same, such as waking up before their partner to put makeup on or doing as Tilbury does and simply keeping it on overnight.

A number of women tweeted about Tilbury's views, saying that while make-up can be a great confidence booster and a fun thing to do, women shouldn't have to wear make-up in order to "conform to... beauty standards".

Some people thought Tilbury was lying to boost sales. (
Engin Akyurt/Unsplash)

Additionally, many are saying that never letting your partner see you wear makeup is not only "exhausting to maintain" but also means there is "a level of distrust" in the relationship as they should love you for you – makeup or no makeup.

Though the debate is still in full-swing, it seems most are landing on the side of "letting" your man see you without make-up is not a crazy thing to do, regardless of Tilbury's views.

Featured Image Credit: Freestocks/Unsplash

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