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The ‘no ‘poo’ trend that means you can ditch the usual way to wash your hair

The ‘no ‘poo’ trend that means you can ditch the usual way to wash your hair

You may be surprised by the results

There seems to be a whole load of information out there all about haircare and, specifically, how often you should wash it.

While some people maintain it's absolutely A-okay to wash your hair on the daily, others totally swear you should wash your locks as little as possible.

Well, one gal has decided to perform a bit of a personal experiment after hopping on board the 'no 'poo' trend that means you can ditch the usual way to wash your hair.

Aspen Pitts jumped on the 'no 'poo' hair trend and documented her progress.

The woman, Aspen Pitts, who goes by the handle @hairification_haircare online, took to TikTok to share with her 106.9k followers her journey hopping on the trend that sees people seek chemical-free ways to clean their barnets.

The movement basically entails people saying bye-bye to shampoo in their beauty routines and, instead, looking for alternative and more organic ways to clean your hair.

Such methods include using apple cider vinegar solutions, lemon, light rye flour and henna.

Aspen, 26, made a vow to stick to the challenge for a mega 100 days, but wound up only making it to the 31 day mark.

On day 26 of the trend, Aspen documented the state her locks were in, telling viewers that the growing greasiness was 'starting to get to the point where it just looked wet'.

The Aussie TikToker continued: "I can feel the oil on my fingers."

"I know I said 100 days, but 100 days is a long time," she admitted. "I don’t want to do 100 days anymore."

She finally caved after 31 days.

After finally caving and washing her hair, Aspen's TikTok followers were buzzing to praise her incredible results.

One TikTok user penned: "Your hair looks amazing! It literally brought back the life!"

A second wrote: "I can only imagine how good that wash felttt!"

"Can't believe you did it for so long!" exclaimed a third, while a fourth chimed in: "Oh wow I I barely made it two weeks when dared one time!"

A fifth gushed: "I bet that hair wash felt AMAZING!!!"

"The length difference from like day two to now is amazing," quipped a sixth, while another echoed: "Your hair looks so good nowww!"

And a final TikTok user added: "This was an amazing journey!"

It sure was.

So, what's the science behind the 'no 'poo' trend?

Well, it's believed that while washing your hair with shampoo can have its own merits and benefits, there are plenty of perks to go without it.

Such include improving your scalp health, helping in maintaining your hair and scalp pH levels, improving your hair texture, reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals, increasing the volume of your hair, helping in producing adequate amounts of sebum and being a more eco-friendly option.

Reckon you'll hop on board the movement?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hairification_haircare

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