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Woman Left In Stitches After She Glued Lid Open With Eyelash Glue

Woman Left In Stitches After She Glued Lid Open With Eyelash Glue

This looks like a pretty eye-opening experience.

We've all had our fair share of beauty fails - and what better place to share them than TikTok?

From the girl with 'Mr Bean' brows to green armpits, we thought we'd pretty much seen it all. Until one woman proved us wrong.

A New-York-based TikToker found herself in hot water after accidentally gluing her eyelid open with lash adhesive.

The lid was fused to her brow bone, leaving her unable to blink. It's pretty safe to say, though, that she saw the funny side of it.

Speaking to her followers, the content creator covered her right eye and admitted she'd "never put on makeup before" because she'd "just never had anyone to show [her] how".

She spoke about how being on TikTok has opened her eyes (sorry) to a world of "beautiful people with absolutely fantastic makeup", which encouraged her to try it for herself.

After watching "a couple of tutorials", she bought herself some fake eyelashes and was ready to get stuck (sorry again!) in.

Be careful with your next pair of falsies! [

After trying to apply her "Falscara [...] fake lashes" with lash glue, she confessed that "I'm gonna need some help".

The TikToker then removed her hand from her eye, revealing one very sticky eyelid and a false lash clinging onto her brow bone for dear life. Ouch!

Through stifled laughter, she attempted to blink normally - only successfully managing to do so with the non-glued eyelid! "My eyelid's stuck open", she cried.

You should wash your eye for 15 minutes if the same thing happens to you. [

We know it's wrong to laugh at someone else's pain, but it's impossible not to giggle along with the TikToker as she reacts to the mishap.

"Look at this!" she said, after helplessly pointing towards her eyelid.

Makeup is serious business. [

Could this be a more common problem than we think? According to Google auto-fill... maybe?

The poison control website states that you should immediately wash your eye for 15 minutes if you accidentally stick your lid open, or get lash glue in your eye.

Even though the "adhesive will eventually release", you should probably see a doctor if your eye starts causing you pain!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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