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Woman Left In Hysterics After Brow Lamination Leaves Her Looking Like 'Mr Bean'

Woman Left In Hysterics After Brow Lamination Leaves Her Looking Like 'Mr Bean'

Sarah Donnelly took to TikTok to reveal her comical brows.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

A woman was left in hysterics after getting her eyebrows done - after the treatment made her look like Mr Bean.

In a TikTok video she shared, Sarah Donnelly pointed out that she'd been "trying to keep up with the kids", but that the experience had left her with brows that looked more comical than cool.

See the results for yourself here:

"I had my eyebrows laminated for the first time. Here are the results," a voiceover said, while Sarah could be heard laughing in the background.

"I can't stop laughing at them," she then revealed, as the camera focused on the bottom half of her face. "I look ridiculous."

"Are you ready?" Sarah continues, as she lifts the camera up to reveal her thick, dark brows.

Sarah's brows were also likened to Eugene Levy (

"What have I done to my eyebrows?" she then says. "I don't know whether to laugh or cry."

The video has been liked by almost 14k viewers and the comments have been equally as hilarious.

"Was you trying to pull off Mr Bean?" asked one viewer.

Sarah was told she looked like Mr Bean (

Another remarked: "What the actual fur burgers are those?", while Sarah replied: "Slugs my love. They are my slugs."

And, comparing her to actor Eugene Levy, who is known for his thick, dark brows, one person commented: "Are you Jim's dad from American Pie?"

Sarah replied: "Hilarious!! I actually really look like him don't I?"

But others were more supportive of Sarah and her eyebrows.

"In a couple of days these will look epic... lamination is the ultimate. Trust the process," said one follower.

"Give it a couple of days for the tint to fade a bit then guarantee you'll love them," another said.

Fingers crossed!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ITV

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