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Shoppers Divided Over 'Woke' Name For Primark's Pregnancy Range

Shoppers Divided Over 'Woke' Name For Primark's Pregnancy Range

The store has aimed to be more inclusive with its new ‘Parenthood’ range.

Imagine being the sort of person that gets annoyed at a shop trying to be more inclusive? Well, we’re sad to report that some people are really like that.

Primark has come under fire for its new pregnancy range, which has been created for all pregnant people to feel comfortable.

Posting the new range on Instagram, the retailer captioned the post: “Introducing our latest parenthood collection. A maternity capsule wardrobe will make life easy and our range, all in timeless neutral tones, will be the foundation of your new wardrobe as the weather gets colder.”

Primark shared this post, naming their new pregnancy collection (
Instagram - Primark)

But people found the time and energy to criticise the gender-neutral term ‘parenthood’, taking to the comment section to vent their displeasure.

“Parenthood range? For the love of God!” one person moaned.

A second added: “Parenthood?? Maternity.”

“It’s gone too far now,” said a third, while a fourth said: “What dad needs clothes when the woman is pregnant?” (evidently missing the point).

Most people celebrated the name of the collection (

But we’re pleased to report not everyone was upset that Primark’s new collection had a neutral name.

“Great idea Primark!” one person gushed. “Something to suit everyone!”

“OMG, you guys are killing it!” said a second, while a third added: “Primark always has our backs.”

In other Primark news, some shoppers have just discovered the correct way to pronounce the iconic budget brand.

While those of us in England have always called it Pr-Eye-Mark, some of us in Scotland, and a few in Ireland, instead call the store 'Pr-ee-mark'.

Primark wants to make parenthood more inclusive (

A screenshot from the Primark website includes the query titled 'How do you pronounce Primark?'

The shop responds: "That's a very good question. We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark."

However, some people are still not happy, with one person writing on social media: “Here in Northern Ireland it's always been Pree-mark. And it was here a long time before it opened in England.

 “The only people here who call it Primark are English people."

Looks as if the great debate is still raging on…

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