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There are few items of footwear more divisive than Crocs, which depending on what side of the debate you fall on are either wonderful and convenient or the worst thing invented by a human.

For those who would rather be attacked by an actual croc than wear a pair of Crocs, this pair is likely to raise blood pressures as you can now buy Crocs that glow in the dark.

With the lights on, they look like a normal pair of Crocs...

Yes, as if the shoes themselves weren't conspicuous enough before you can fork over a pile of money for a new pair which will announce to everyone the precise location of your feet even when it's dark.

For the low, low (or monstrously extortionate) price of £49.99 you too can confidently stride through a place deprived of light and have all attention pointed towards your incredibly glowing feet.

As you can imagine this piece of either fashionable or f**king dreadful footwear has caused a bit of division.

These are either a nice thing to have on your feet or the downfall of civilisation.

In one camp there's the people who are saying 'I NEED OMG' and claiming they 'would wear these to clubs' to show them off to everyone.

On the other side of the fence are the people saying they 'wouldn't want to be seen in Crocs in daylight, let alone the dark' and that you 'couldn't put a pair on my dead body'.

So what do we think gang, are glow-in-the-dark Crocs a travesty of nature or the newest trend you can't wait to have on your feet?

Those really are the only two choices you've got at this point.

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