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Woman left 'insecure and embarrassed' after claiming hair salon extensions 'caused alopecia'

Woman left 'insecure and embarrassed' after claiming hair salon extensions 'caused alopecia'

The Queensland makeup artist is now at a standoff with the hair salon after losing 'handfuls of hair'

Sherree Morris prided herself in her lovely thick and long locks, but after a haircut back in July 2022, she no longer has the same hair love.

While having a wash and blow dry at Blue Diamond Hair Co in Brisbane, Australia, the 33-year-old decided to treat herself to a quick trim too – her first in 10 years.

But after this rare chop left her hair ‘choppy’ and cut at various lengths and angles, the makeup artist from Queensland has spent the past year on a chaotic hair journey and is now stuck in a feud.

The salon agreed to fix her hair and covered the cost of Weft extensions where hair is carefully sewed close to the scalp.

Sherree was not happy with the hair cut in the end.

Sherree told she’d been satisfied with this but after having them for a while realised something wasn’t quite right.

She brought up these concerns in following appointments for the extension pieces to be ‘moved up’, even telling the stylist in March she’d pay to have more added.

But things got dramatically worse. The once hair-proud MUA noticed parts of her hair were actually missing from her scalp.

She shared a TikTok documenting this, with photos showing strips of bare skin.

A former area manager for the Brisbane salon, who authorised Sherree’s initial free services, told “She had problems with all the girls when they did her extensions aside from one other and myself.

Sherree loved her natural hair.

“The beads were way too tight from what I saw and when Sheree messaged me I told her to have them removed ASAP. This was after I left the salon, but I was still happy to assist her.”

Left ‘crying’ over pictures of her ‘f**ked’ scalp, Sheree asked Blue Diamond for help again. But changed her mind and decided to get a second opinion elsewhere.

This other salon removed her extensions and gave her a full report on the devastating damage and what Sheree needed to do to try and solve her hair woes.

The stylist reported that her extensions were ‘matted in her natural hair’ and she had an ‘incredibly dry scalp’.

“Sheree lost quite a lot of hair in the process, about two big handfuls of hair,” the stylist wrote.

The stylist said Sherree had a dry scalp from not being able to clean it properly.

They then suggested a whole variety of products that Sheree worked out to be worth AU$1500 to last her three months in restoring her hair.

So, the MUA went back to Blue Diamond and asked them for compensation for the products, but refused to meet them in person when they requested.

Now there’s a total stand-off. Sheree wants to stick to written communication because she isn’t comfortable meeting in person. But the salon are refusing to do anything without meeting in person.


Although Sheree says she wasn’t given these instructions, Blue Diamond claimed it had evidence to that would suggest she was ‘not following the recommended weft after-care practices’.

This included tying up her hair and ‘attempting to dye the extensions at home'.

Sheree said: “I’m feeling insecure and so embarrassed … People think it sounds stupid how much your hair can impact you, but my whole life I have been a bigger girl and my hair made me feel beautiful.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/TikTok/sherreemorris

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