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January Babies Are More Likely To Become Rich And Famous, Evidence Suggests

January Babies Are More Likely To Become Rich And Famous, Evidence Suggests

January babies help us ring in the New Year and new beginnings - but what does scientific research have to say about their potential?

Amelia Jones

Amelia Jones

You might have more of a struggle to get a party together in the wake of Christmas expenditure and the ensuing sobriety, but science says that babies born in January have all the luck and success.

Crave fame? A study published in the Journal of Social Sciences revealed a disproportionate number of Hollywood A-list celebrities including Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and Jennifer Aniston are born under the Aquarius astrological star sign and born between January 20th and February 18th.

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Statistics show that January babies are real go-getters when it comes to their careers out of the spotlight too.

Researchers from the UK Office of National Statistics analysed 19 different professions from a census and determined that of those professions, children born in January have an increased chance of becoming either a doctor or a debt collector.

Unsplash/verdes cosmin

Babies born in January are also more likely to grow up to be be the boss.

A 13-year study of S&P 500 companies found that 10 per cent of CEOs were born in January. It's most likely this high-achiever status is linked to school cutoff dates. This makes summer babies the youngest in their classes with a potential lag behind autumn- and winter-born classmates.

January babies are all-round winners. According to an Australian study there were 33 per cent more January babies than in the Football League than athletes born in other months.

In research published in Science Daily, study co-author Adrian Barnett from Queensland University explained his theory on why this is the case: "If you were born in January, you have almost 12 months' growth ahead of your classmates born late in the year."

Unsplash/tim bish

Winter babies, including those born in January, don't run as hot as those born during warmer months, according to a 2014 survey, meaning they are less irritable and better natured than summer tots.

It could just be down to luck: babies born in January, have one of the luckiest birthstones. Garnet gemstones are associated with peace, prosperity and good health.

Some say wearing it promotes longterm happiness, health and wealth. And whatever month you're born in - we could all benefit from a bit more of that trifecta.

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