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​My Little Pony Hair Is The Dreamiest Style You'll Ever See

​My Little Pony Hair Is The Dreamiest Style You'll Ever See

Want whimsical hair to mark the new decade? You've come to the right place.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

You know what they say... new year, new me. And what better way to achieve that than by changing up your hairstyle?

Whether you're a colour fanatic or you're a typical 'I'll just have a trim please' kind of girl when you hit the salon, now is the perfect time to shake things up - and we have just the idea.

It turns out My Little Pony is bringing seriously stylish vibes to the table and the child's toy appears to have become the inspiration for those looking for a bright new 'do'.

Instagram is awash with people opting for multicoloured streaks in their barnets, with many dubbing it My Little Pony hair.

One has had her hair coloured in pastel shades, then whipped her hair up into a high ponytail that looks quite literally like a magical pony's tail.

Another, has opted for a peek-a-boo style, with the multicoloured strands on the bottom layer of her hair only, so as she moves, you can spot flashes of whimsical colour - imagine it up too!

Brighter tones were order of the day for others, either all over, ombréd or dipped - not for the faint hearted.

However you choose to rock the mystical hairstyle is up to you, but Live True London salon ( has some top tips on achieving the look.

Valerie Maine and Stéphane Ferreira from Live True London said: "Celebrities like Katy Perry have been adopting the trend.

"Her last Vogue cover saw pink, coral, green and blue tones; all perfect for 'My Little Pony' hair.

"You can achieve this look by initially creating a light base - a full head bleach for an all-over 'My Little Pony' look, or a Balayage for a more subtle blend with your natural locks.

"Next, the hair would be divided into sections with a different colour applied to each part to give the multi-coloured effect.

"To keep this look for longer, we recommend that clients use a professional grade colour safe shampoo and conditioner.

"Regular in-salon toning sessions are a must for this look and we recommend that clients pop in every four weeks to refresh their 'My Little Pony' hair."

Here's to a magical 2020!

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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