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Worst Roommate Ever: The Chilling Latest Update On Youssef Khater

Worst Roommate Ever: The Chilling Latest Update On Youssef Khater

He was sentenced to just 600 days in prison.

If you’ve been watching Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix, you’re likely still greatly unsettled by the story of Youssef Khater.

For those of you who are yet to watch the documentary series, Youssef is a Dutch expat of Lebanese origin, who posed as a Palestinian marathon-runner who was being sponsored to run the length of Chile.

Whilst living in a 12 bedroom hostel in the South American country, Youssef invited Texan resident Callie Quinn and a friend to rent two new condos he claimed to have bought, taking a $1,000 (£759) security deposit by them.

Youssef's story has scared many (

However, after Callie and Youssef went for dinner, Youssef lured her to a tire shop in Santiago and hit her over the head with a toilet seat, before burying her alive.

Callie survived the attempted murder and reported Youssef to the authorities, which led to Youssef’s whole past being unravelled.

It transpired that Youssef was a serious fraudster with form in this sort of thing: he had “borrowed” over $50,000 (£37,997.75) from British runner Dominic Rayner, who had bought him $12,000 (£9119.46) of athletic gear and given him $38,000 (£28,878.29) to jointly buy a property.

Having gone on the run following the attack on Callie, Youssef was finally arrested in Chile on 9th August 2011.

A judge declared him guilty of attempted murder, for which he was sentenced to 541 days in prison, and fraud, for which he got 61 days.

Having served a year in prison awaiting trial, he was extradited back to Denmark, where he only faced a further three months in prison.

Callie was hit over the head with a toilet seat (

In December 2015, Texas Monthly reported that Youssef was going by the name of Josef Maria on Facebook, and had recently ran a marathon in Costa Rica.

However, The Costa Rico Star reported that Youssef committed massive fraud in Puerto Viejo in 2017. The Tico Times since reported he was released shortly after.

Digital Spy has since reported that Youssef moved from Costa Rica to Nicaragua in 2019, and spent a few months in jail for fraud, again, before being extradited back to Denmark.

This is his last known location, where researchers believed he started life again under a new name. However, this is yet to be officially confirmed and verified.

His whereabouts are currently unknown (

And viewers were stunned that Youssef is still out and about in the world, and going about his life as normal.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Watched #WorstRoommateEver on Netflix and now I have an irrational fear of running into Youssef Khater and being murdered,” one person said.

“Just saw #worstroommateever on #Netflix and the #marathonMan episode was crazy 600 days for attempt of murder !! TF #youssef_khater is still a free man ?!” a second, aghast viewer said.

Viewers of the Netflix show are scared to run into the runner (

“Youssef Khater is still out there b***h wtf,” a third said, while a fourth said: “Why do I have an irrational fear of running into Youssef Khater?"

Worst Roommate Ever is available to watch on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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