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One woman was tragically cheated on by her fiancé at his stag party just three days before their wedding.

The bride-to-be, Courtney, just 18-years-old at the time, was gearing up for the special day to finally tie the knot with her fiancé, Danny, in a double-wedding with his cousin, Lottie, and her partner, Lee.

However, things clearly didn't go to plan when groom Danny was caught having an affair with a stripper from his stag do just a matter of days before the upcoming nuptials.

The groom cheated on his future bride mere days before the big day.

On an episode of TLC's reality TV programme, Gypsy Brides US, Courtney opened up about her relationship with Danny, revealing: "From the first day, we’ve been in love and we’ve been inseparable."

The two best friends, Courtney and Lottie, meticulously planned their bumper-wedding down to every single last detail - right down to the colossal 'monster truck' that would take them to the venue.

Danny was released from prison ahead of the big day and while many were excited for the occasion, it's clear his mother, Gail, was not too happy at all.

He explained: "My mom ain't so pleased about the wedding because she doesn’t think Courtney is the right one for me."

Due to her disapproval, Gail hatched a plan to sabotage the young couple's special day and organised a bachelor party in a strip club for her son, knowing fully well that Courtney 'will not like it',

The man spent the night with a stripper from his stag do.

And, it's clear Gail's plan was successful as just the morning after, it emerged that Danny had spent the night with a stripper named Mandy.

Eager to get the word around, Gail began to call people to let them know her son had cheated on Courtney.

Unsurprisingly gutted by the whole ordeal, a devastated Courtney then rang up Danny in a hopes to get to the bottom of the situation but it only got worse from there.

"Oh my god," Danny told the cameras, "she sounds pretty damn upset."

Courtney's mum then gets involved on the phone followed by Danny's father and mother Gail.

It was then only a matter of moments before everything descended into full-blown chaos.

The lover's quarrel then soon turned into a heated family feud as the two families broke out into a physical confrontation.

The infidelity led to a full-blown family feud.

Even though Danny was Lottie's family, she admitted her best pal Courtney shouldn't marry him after what he did.

"Danny is my cousin and I love Danny dearly, but what he did to her, I don’t think she should marry him," she said.

Speaking of the tense confrontation, Courtney declared: "It didn’t help, them getting into a fight, because now it’s like a full on war - Danny’s family against my family.

"It’s the worst thing that could have happened this close to the wedding."

In a bizarre twist of fate, police ended up arresting Courtney at the scene of the outburst for 'disturbing the peace'.

"I was screaming for Danny and when he started walking away I felt like my whole world was ending, like oh my goodness he’s really not going to help," she recalled.

The drama-filled ordeal ended with the entire double-wedding called off altogether.

No surprises there.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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