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Viewers furious after watching psychological thriller The Teacher on Netflix

Viewers furious after watching psychological thriller The Teacher on Netflix

Many people were less than impressed with the ending

Viewers have been left less than impressed after binge-watching drama mini-series The Teacher on Netflix.

The four-parter centres on English teacher Jenna Garvey (played by Sheridan Smith) who is accused of having sex with 15-year-old pupil Kyle (played by Samuel Bottomley).

You can see a trailer for it here:

Although her recollection of the night is pretty much non-existent thanks to how much she drank, Jenna is adamant that she’s innocent - but convincing the press, her school and the police is another matter.

As well as losing her job and seeing herself the centre of a police investigation, Jenna must also confront her past to get to the bottom of the situation.

Along the way, we get glimpses of the night in question; a trek through Jenna’s past; and more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at. Not to mention a typically stellar performance from Sheridan.

An official synopsis teases: “When a student accuses her of assault, a popular English teacher struggles to recall what happened on the drunken night that put her future in peril.”

The Teacher stars Sheridan Smith as Jenna Garvey.
Channel 5/Netflix

First released on Channel 5 last year, the show has since made its way to Netflix where it’s been watched by a new batch of drama-loving viewers.

However, not everyone was left impressed with the show’s ending - without giving away any spoilers, viewers flocked to Twitter where they branded it ‘disappointing’ and ‘rubbish’.

One person wrote: “Has anybody seen The Teacher on Netflix…? Me and Ellie watched it last night and I'm still annoyed about how bad the ending was.”

Another said: “Just finished watching The Teacher on Netflix and it’s possibly the worst ending to any show I’ve ever seen, wish I didn’t bother!”

Viewers were left disappointed by the ending.
Channel 5/Netflix

A third commented: “I binge-watched The Teacher on Netflix yesterday and I was literally on the edge of my seat for parts of it, then the ending was absolute rubbish and I'm still fed up about it now.”

While someone else wrote: “How disappointing is The Teacher’s ending on Netflix.”

Others heaped praise on star Sheridan, saying she was the best thing about the series, with one viewer posting: “God bless Sheridan Smith for being the only redeeming quality of The Teacher on Netflix. It’s the royalty-free club music and horrific acting from Kyle’s mum that’s got me.”

Another added: “Watched The Teacher last night. Gripped for all four episodes, but such a poor ending. Sheridan Smith played a blinder though.”

If you want to decide for yourself then The Teacher is available on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5/Netflix

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