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Tom Felton Says He'd Be Up For A Harry Potter TV Series

Tom Felton Says He'd Be Up For A Harry Potter TV Series

Tom Felton has revealed his thoughts on a potential Harry Potter reboot.

Tom Felton has shared his thoughts on a potential Harry Potter reboot, and it's good news for Potterheads the world over.

The 20th anniversary Harry Potter reunion may have just passed, but as Tom says, 'The wizarding world is going nowhere'.

Tyla chatted to Tom about his post-Hogwarts career, how he and the cast have stayed so grounded, and whether or not he'd get involved in a reboot.

Tom Felton has revealed whether he thinks there will be a Harry Potter reboot.

Tom admits he 'probably' does see the Harry Potter movies getting a reboot and filmed again.

He explained: "Over 10 years ago when we finished the last film we certainly expected – or I certainly expected – things to sort of die down in popularity.

"[But] obviously it's only going one way, especially with the recent films and theme parks coming out and of course, you’ve got Cursed Child [the theatre production].

"Maybe there’s a chance that would turn into a tv series or crikey who knows, the sky's the limit, Potter The Musical - who’s writing it?"

Tom jokingly suggested another musical may even come out of the Harry Potter franchise called 'Potter The Musical'.

If there was to be a reboot, Tom would feel 'quite passionate' about saying yes to getting involved.

"I’d obviously need to assess at the time, but I won’t lie, I do miss Draco definitely. He’s a fun person to play," he added.

It's clear Tom still has a deep attachment to Draco.

Tom said he misses playing Draco.
Warner Bros.

At the suggestion that Harry's adversary is a 'villainous' character, Tom is quick to leap to his defence.

"Well he’s not really villainous is he? He’s just bullied. So I don’t really see him as a bad guy at all. I just see him as a product of pretty poor parenting. And poor choices along the way," he said.

Tom has recently played the husband of the first female North American archaeologist, which he describes as 'pretty cool'.

Tom explained how Draco isn't villainous, 'just bullied'.
Warner Bros. Puctures

He also plays a Polish refugee of war in Burial, out later this year.

But what does he have in common with the character that saw him shoot to game?

"It’s very hard to find anything even remotely similar to a blonde, evil wizard. So none of them have really ever come close to it," he said.

"I don’t really draw on anyone other than like whatever is different from me. I think if I had to play myself, that would be quite disastrous, but playing anyone that has these major flaws or character traits, that’s something I enjoy sinking my teeth into."

Despite Harry Potter being known as one of the biggest film franchises in the world, Tom doesn't see his role as Draco as 'finding fame really'.

"I still take the tube and the bus and whatnot. I feel fairly anonymous. I'm in London every day cycling around and I seem to get away with it. I don’t see my life as being completely different," he says.

His 'rumbustious' four-year-old Labrador Willow also helps to 'keep him in check,' because 'she doesn't care' about Harry Potter.

Tom finds it 'slightly odd' but 'brilliant' that everyone's 'still talking about' the franchise.

He reflects: "Clearly the fandom is getting bigger and bigger which is pretty awesome. In fact, most fans who approach me now, weren’t even born when the first film was being made.

"So it’s fun to see it being passed down the line."

Tom thinks it's 'slightly odd' but 'brilliant' the fanbase for Harry Potter is still growing and the franchise is still being talked about so much.

With the constant conversation still occurring around the franchise, comes the persistent questioning about his relationships with his castmates.

"People definitely ask me do you and [Daniel Radcliffe] get on? And I like to joke with them and say no, but naturally we’re very good friends," Tom explained.

Tom noted how fans still ask him whether he and 'Harry get on'.
Warner Bros.

Twenty years on, the cast try and see each other 'whenever they can'.

He recently reunited with Matthew Lewis to compete in a Nintendo Switch Launch Event, and caught up with the Phelps twins for a 'friendly competitive' golf trip last year.

Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis caught up at the Nintendo Switch Sports Launch in London.
Scott Garfitt/PinPep

So what would it take for him to sign up to a reboot?

"If it meant working with some of my old castmates again then yeah great," he said. "Honestly any excuse to see any of the old cronies, even the Griffindors."

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