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Alison Hammond Breaks Down On This Morning As She Speaks About Weight

Alison Hammond Breaks Down On This Morning As She Speaks About Weight

The television presenter broke down in tears as she discussed weight on Friday's show.

Alison Hammond broke down in tears during Friday's edition of This Morning during an emotional discussion about weight.

Watch the video below:

The tearful segment happened when Alison and co-presenter Dermot O’Leary were joined by Deidre Sanders to answer calls from viewers experiencing difficult relationships with family members.

One viewer spoke about the fat-shaming they’ve experienced and described being unable to cope with their eating habits.

After the call, Alison spoke about her own struggles with weight and said obesity is a disease.

She also urged the NHS to consider obesity a disease and prompted the caller at home to seek help.

When Alison broke down she was comforted by Dermot and Deidre before an advert break.

Alison Hammond gave the viewer honest advice. (

Viewers praised Alison on social media and shared their own weight experiences.

One woman tweeted: "Absolutely love Alison, she is spot on I have had weight problems and not happy with my body for years. The amount I eat I shouldn’t be the size I am. Had tests everything comes back normal so frustrating. Alison you are a beautiful person inside and out."

Another viewer commended Alison, writing: "Alison is a bloody inspiration for many people. She is incredible for talking so openly about her obesity struggles and the stigma surrounding obesity. She doesn’t need to apologise for crying, shows how hurtful comments and people's judgements can cut deep. Massive respect".


While a third Twitter user added: "So true... I know how incredibly difficult it is for people to talk about, I hardly ever talk about it, due to being called names. Those people don't think of the psychological effects too from struggling with obesity.Thank you for talking about it @thismorning Alison."

And on Twitter user shared: "@AlisonHammond I’m sure there were many tears cried with you, especially those who get it. Big hugs. (Ps, @radioleary the way you supported Alison was amazing!)".

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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