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This Is Us Fans 'Ugly Crying' Over Meaning Behind Grandchild's Name

This Is Us Fans 'Ugly Crying' Over Meaning Behind Grandchild's Name

We're still not over it.

Warning: Major This Is Us spoilers ahead!

This Is Us fans are still in mourning after the series finale aired last week, bidding farewell to the Pearson family after six bittersweet seasons.

The final episode of the drama series had fans in tears from the very beginning with the big three, Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Randall (Sterling K Brown), attending their mother Rachel's (Mandy Moore) funeral.

But one moment that threw us all for a loop and had us ugly-crying on our sofas came closer to the end of the episode, when Randall learned what his future grandchild would be named.

Deja told Randall that he was going to have a grandson. (

In the series finale we saw Randall speaking with his daughter Deja (Lyric Ross), who is expecting a baby with her partner Malik.

Sharing the exciting news with her dad, Deja revealed that she's expecting a boy, and that she plans to name him William - a revelation that had every viewer reaching for the tissue box.

The name William is a nod to Randall's biological father William Hill, played by Ron Cephas Jones in the series.

In the pilot episode of This Is Us, William Hill abandoned his newborn son Randall in a fire station. Randall was found and adopted by Jack and Rachel Pearson, becoming the third triplet to their biological children Kate and Kevin.

William was Randall's biological father before he was adopted by the Pearsons. (

After eventually reuniting with his biological son as an adult William Hill sadly passed away from Stage 4 stomach cancer.

Although William never got to meet Deja, he will be remembered in the Pearson family forever thanks to her.

Telling Randall the news in the series finale, Deja says: "Your grandson is gonna be named after a man I never met. But I know him 'cause I know you. It's not pointless."

Still grieving after Rachel's funeral, Randall found a spark of joy in his daughter's news, finally able to cheer himself up.

Randall got Kevin and Kate as siblings when he was adopted by the Pearson family. (

"Oh, finally!" he tells her.

"It's about damn time, man. We're having a boy? It ain't nothing but women.

"All my life I got Black women here and Black women there. Dej, I love you and your sisters and your mama, all the women in my life. But a little boy?"

If viewers weren't crying before, they definitely were after watching that scene.

One fan tweeted that the moment gave her her "first ugly cry of the finale."

Another concurred: "Randall and Deja one of the purest relationships on this show my god Randall’s reaction to deja naming her baby William and his happy dance making me ugly cry BAD."

A third pointed out: "William was worried how much his grandchildren would remember of him and now Deja’s naming Randall’s grandchild after him because she knows who he was thanks to Randall."

And a fourth admitted: "Full on ugly crying. William. Randall getting a grandson. Naming him William. Wow. It’s not for nothing."

This Is Us is available to stream on Disney+ in the UK and Peacock in the US.

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