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This Is Us Fans Are Seriously Divided Over Who Kevin Will End Up With

This Is Us Fans Are Seriously Divided Over Who Kevin Will End Up With

Team Madison or Team Sophie?

We've officially made it to the final season of This Is Us and after two episodes, we've already made it through a full box of tissues.

While fans are nowhere near ready to say goodbye to the Pearson family, they were thrilled to see the series back on their TV screens for one more season.

Check out the trailer for the new season here:

After a shocking season five finale that saw Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Madison (Caitlin Thompson) break up right before their wedding, viewers are already taking sides over who they hope Kevin ends up with once and for all.

We rejoined Kevin in season six living out of Madison's garage as they co-parent twins Nick and Franny. But when Madison starts to get to know Eli, it looks like their living situation might be a little bit too close for comfort.

While some viewers are desperate to see Madison and Kevin rekindle their relationship, others have their fingers crossed that he'll got back to his childhood love and first wife Sophie.

One pro-Madison fan tweeted: "Still have hope for Madison and Kevin, don't bring back Sophie please."

A second wrote: "Very much hoping this Kevin & Madison situationship works out bc I think they're very cute together."


Some fans are desperate to see Kevin and Madison make it work.(

"I really hope Kevin and Madison end up together," commented another fan.

Meanwhile, on team Sophie, one viewer wrote: "I just want Kevin and Sophie together. It’s all I want."

Another fan tweeted: "Just gonna say it now, if Kevin and Sophie don't find their way back to each other before series' end i'm fighting everybody at NBC."

"I am a hopeless #Kophie romantic" wrote a third. "Here’s my wish … Madison helps Kevin find his way back to Sophie."

Die-hard Sophie fans are waiting for Kevin to win her back. (

Who do you want to see Kevin end up with when things wrap up for the Pearsons?

Season six of This Is Us is available to stream on Disney+

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