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The Split Season 3: Hannah And Christie's Affair 'May Not Be Over', Says Star

The Split Season 3: Hannah And Christie's Affair 'May Not Be Over', Says Star

The stars of BBC's The Split discuss the show's ending with Tyla

The Split fans could be in for an extra dose of drama with Hannah and Christie as one of the show's stars hints their affair 'might not be over' just yet.

In anticipation of season 3 dropping on 4th April, cast members Nicola Walker (Hannah), Annabel Scholey (Nina), Fiona Button (Rose) and writer and creator Abi Morgan sat down with Tyla to discuss the show's third and final instalment.

Talking about show's finale, Nicola teased: "I think this is a very satisfying end. It might suggest the affair may not be over!"

Fans of the show have been excited to find out that Barry Atsma will be returning to the show as Hannah's lover, Christie.

Barry Atsma as Christie (

Talking about his return Nicola says: "When they told us [Barry] could make it work, it was just thrilling... He’s such a brilliant actor. He’s back…and he returns at quite an interesting moment."

Fans will have to wait to see what that "interesting moment" might entail.

While Nicola suggest the affair may continue, Fiona added: "I think it’s a very satisfying ending. I don’t feel like there’s anything unanswered."

We're certainly wondering what these two answers mean for the show's characters and the affair - will Hannah and Christie end up together?

Nicola Walker as Hannah (

The cast tells us that the season three begins where the last series left off, with Annabel adding that "it's very high stakes."

She adds: "I feel like in series 3, we’re all in very separate journeys, even more so than in season one or two.

"We all sort of go off and do our own thing and we realise only halfway through that the others are having major traumas as well and we come back together."

Quite how the stories will all tie together remains to be seen but with the hype surrounding the show we're sure it won't disappoint.

Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan as Hannah and Nathan (

When asked if there's any possibility for more, writer Abi responds: "I always knew it was going to be three [seasons], the bones of this show have been built over several years."

Adding: "Although it’s over, I still think it’ll go on. There are spin-offs, and they’ve made series in Turkey and South Korea…It’s definitely happening in other countries.

"I hope The Split lives on even if I don’t write it."

The Split returns to BBC One on Monday 4th April

Featured Image Credit: BBC