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Drama labelled 'the best show on Netflix' is perfect to binge watch this weekend

Drama labelled 'the best show on Netflix' is perfect to binge watch this weekend

You have to check this out

If you're looking for a binge-worthy drama to sink your teeth into this weekend, Netflix viewers could very well suggest The Sandman which has been dubbed the streamer's 'best show'. Watch the trailer below:

First off, the series is based on the DC comic series of the same name and both the source material and the Netflix adaptation are helmed by Neil Gaiman.

Fantasy fanatics may recognise Gaiman’s name from his cult series American Gods and Good Omens.

The thought-provoking fantasy series focuses on Morpheus, aka Dream (played by Tom Sturridge), a cosmic being who controls all dreams. He travels through different worlds and timelines to amend the mistakes he’s made – and there are quite a few.

The official synopsis describes the series as 'a rich blend of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama and legend are seamlessly interwoven'

The 11-episode series premiered in August and it has enthralled fantasy fanatics ever since, with many social media users begging for a second season.

“Why the sandman isn't renewed yet exactly?,” one concerned fan asked on Twitter. “This show is the best Netflix show currently and easily broke so many records & is still trending left & right.”

A second fan pleaded with Netflix to the renew the show: “@netflix The Sandman is one of the absolute best originals in a long time! Please allow us to continue with this amazing story! #TheSandman #renewTheSandman.”

Another fan of the TV show said the adaptation had swayed them into reading the graphic novel. “8 episodes in of The Sandman on Netflix, and I can safely say that this is one of the best shows this year,” they tweeted. “I have never read the graphic novel, but I think I will now.”

When asked on Twitter about the status of a potential season two amid heated demands for more episodes, Gaiman cryptically tweeted: “Getting higher every day…”

He also warned fans against getting their hopes up about new episodes because of the production costs for the show.

“Because Sandman is a really expensive show. And for Netflix to release the money to let us make another season we have to perform incredibly well. So yes, we’ve been the top show in the world for the last two weeks. That still may not be enough.”

That being said, curious viewers should totally jump into The Sandman this weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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