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First trailer for The Next 365 Days just dropped and OMG

First trailer for The Next 365 Days just dropped and OMG

It'll be the third 365 Days movie.

The trailer has just dropped for The Next 365 Days on Netflix - and people are so excited for the third film.

You can watch the trailer below:

The third movie looks equally dramatic is the previous two, and is expected to pick up where the second film left off.

Fans will know that in the second instalment, Laura is driven into the arms of Nacho when she sees husband Massimo go off with his ex lover Anna (although it later turns out this was not Massimo, but rather his twin brother).

Following this, Nacho takes Laura back to his father's home in Spain, where she quickly begins to develop feelings for him.

Nacho reveals he's the son of Don Fernando Matos, the 'eternal rival' to Massimo's family.

Don Matos plans to use Laura to force Massimo to step down from his role, giving control to his brother instead. But, Nacho insists that his feelings for Laura are real and he had no choice but to follow his father's plan.

It's unclear if she believes or forgives him though as she is shot not long after this revelation.

The third movie will be released on 19 August.

While an official synopsis has yet to be released for the third instalment in the series, it will loosely follow the third novel from the Italian 365 Dni series by Blanka Lipińska, which the series is based upon.

The GoodReads synopsis for The Next 365 Days: A Novel reads: “The global phenomenon and USA TODAY bestselling inspiration behind the Netflix film of the same name - the 365 Days series - continues as it follows the sizzling story of Laura and Massimo.

“As the wife of Don Massimo Torricelli, one of the most dangerous Mafia bosses in Sicily, Laura’s life is a roller coaster. She is often at risk, the potential target of Massimo’s unscrupulous enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy the powerful man.

“And when Laura is seriously injured in an attack, pregnant and fighting to survive, Massimo faces the toughest decision of his life. What will his life be without Laura? Will he be able to raise their child alone? What will the fate of his family be, and whose 365 days may come to a close?”

Nacho returns for the third movie.

Viewers are excited for the third film to drop, with one commenting on the trailer: "Ahh I can’t wait!"

While another said: "I swear if she doesn’t end up with Massimo after everything, I’m gonna be mad."

The Next 365 Days airs on Netflix on 19 August.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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