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Mum warns parents not to watch Netflix movie with kids under 14 as it could ruin Christmas

Mum warns parents not to watch Netflix movie with kids under 14 as it could ruin Christmas

She's issued a warning about the new movie

A mum has issued a warning to parents about allowing young kids to watch a Netflix movie because it could ruin the magic of Christmas. You can see a trailer for the flick here:

With Christmas fast approaching, you might already be planning ideas for you Elf on the Shelf and have your little ones working on their lists for Father Christmas.

But one mum has warned those with younger kids to avoid Netflix’s movie The Curse of Bridge Hollow - not because it’s scary, but because it might spoil Christmas.

A synopsis for the movie reads: "A teenage girl, who accidentally releases an ancient and mischievous spirit on Halloween which causes decorations to come alive and wreak havoc, must team up with the last person she'd want to in order to save their town - her father!"

The Curse of Bridge Hollow.

Posting on the Netflix Bangers Facebook page, one mum wrote: “Beware basically gives away that Santa Claus isn’t real so pay close attention to the PG-14 cause I didn’t.”

The responses to the post were fairly divided, with one person asking: “He isn't real. Lol. Why do people feel the need to deceive their children straight away?”

Someone else wrote: “My daughter didn't take any notice just thought he didn't believe, not that he is true, both of mine enjoyed it.”

A third person said: “In the UK it's not for under 12 so I think they have a pretty good idea by then that he’s not real.”

However, a quick-thinking mum revealed how she got around the scene with her kids.

"Me and my partner just laughed at him and said, ‘what a silly man not believing in Santa. He won't be getting any presents this year’,” she explained. “It worked for us but it's not great adding that bit in when it's unnecessary.”

The post comes after one family revealed they refuse to ‘gaslight’ their young daughter by telling her Santa and the tooth fairy are real.

Mathew Bourdreaux and spouse Aurelian say they aren’t ‘taking away any magic’ by telling nine-year-old Helena the truth.

The parents say rather than tell their daughter that Santa or the tooth fairy is real, they ask if she wants to play ‘make believe’ and pretend they’re real - but she knows that they’re not and that her folks are just playing along.


Mathew, from Camas, Washington, USA, said: “Parents don’t need to tell any of their kids Santa or the tooth fairy is real - why would I participate in this large scale global gaslighting?

"Before adopting our child, we researched parenting and thought of the potential psychological impact lying could have.

“We decided we would never deceive her – parents don’t need to tell any of their kids this is real.

"It has normalised group lying and deception, it doesn't need to be a part of society.”

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