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The Crown finally gets return date on Netflix

The Crown finally gets return date on Netflix

This will be a must-watch and follows events up to Princess Diana's untimely death

The upcoming season of The Crown will inevitably be a must-watch for many following the death of Queen Elizabeth II this month.

Now, Netflix has revealed when royal fans can stream the latest season of the hit show, which is loosely based on real events.

The fifth season of The Crown will follow one of the most turbulent times in the history of the monarchy - the five years leading up to and including death of Princess Diana in 1997 - on November 9th.

The new season will see Olivia Coleman, 48, replaced in the role of the Queen by Imelda Staunton, 66.

"I will do my upmost to maintain the very high standard that they set," she said of her predecessors.

"Hopefully I look calm, collected and capable. My stomach, meanwhile, is doing somersaults."

Princess Diana's death rocked the monarchy.

Claire Foy, 38, who played a young Queen Elizabeth in the early seasons of the show which debuted in 2016, paid tribute to the Queen after her death was announced on 8 September.

Foy told the BBC: "I think that she was an incredible monarch.

"She united people and she was a massive symbol of continuity and dignity and grace."

The actor went on to say that she was 'honoured' to have portrayed the Queen.

"My main feeling is just thinking about her as a mother and a grandmother and a great-grandmother, really, and I'm very honoured to have been a teeny tiny, small part of her story," she said.

Claire Foy as a young Queen Elizabeth II.

News of the show's return comes after one of its stars, Matt Smith, 39, who played a young Prince Philip, revealed that the late Queen was a fan of the show.

The actor told NBS's Today Show: "I heard the Queen had watched it, and she used to watch it on a projector on a Sunday night apparently.

"I know that Philip definitely didn’t. A friend of mine sat next to him at a dinner once and he asked him... apparently he turned around to him and said 'don't be ridiculous'."

Matt Smith said the Queen was a fan of the show.

Following the news of the Queen's death at the age of 96, Netflix announced it had temporarily paused filming the show as a mark of respect.

A representative for Netflix confirmed this to Tyla, stating: "As a mark of respect, filming on The Crown was suspended today (9 September). Filming will also be suspended on the day of Her Majesty The Queen's funeral."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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