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Netflix Drops New Trailer For The Circle Season 3

Netflix Drops New Trailer For The Circle Season 3

We honestly cannot wait for this.

We've been desperately looking for a new reality TV obsession since Love Island officially finished for another year.

So imagine our joy when The Circle entered the chat.

Watch the trailer below.

For those of you who aren't in the know, the reality TV series is based around a manufactured social network known as The Circle. Players are all moved into a tower block without meeting each other and forced to communicate through each of their profiles.

But players don’t have to ‘be themselves’ when they’re part of the platform – they can be total catfishes and pretend to be a different version of themselves, or someone else entirely.

Each player has to rank the other contestants from top to bottom, with the most influential or popular player in with a chance of winning £100,000 – and the least popular players getting “blocked” or eliminated from the competition.

The Circle sees a number of players try to be the most influential (

While the original British version of the format has since been cancelled by Channel 4, the US version of the programme is still going strong, with season three now dropping on Netflix on Wednesday, 8th September.

And judging by the teaser trailer, we’re in for a hell of a ride, with more shocks, surprises and spoilers than ever before.

Players have to navigate their way through a social network (

The trailer reveals we can look forward to seeing duplicate profiles, one hopeful being joined by their sister in a bid to fool other contestants, and another contestant being given a ‘burner’ profile to cause havoc within the game.

The Circle also looks filled with characters, such as the man who says he would “lie to the Pope” if it means he wins, and the woman who says she’ll be “anything anybody we want her to be” when she’s on the platform.

The show sees more surprises than before (

Bring. It. On!

The Circle comes to Netflix on Wednesday 8th September, and will be released weekly.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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