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The Chase Contestant Stuns Viewers With Rare Clean Sweep

The Chase Contestant Stuns Viewers With Rare Clean Sweep

This was seriously impressive!

The Chase viewers have been left shocked after one contestant secured a full house in the quickfire question round.

Contestant John took on Mark 'The Beast' Labbett and managed to answer all 11 questions correctly, securing a full house and shocking host Bradley Walsh.

You can watch a clip below:

Bradley said it was a record breaker on the show, explaining: "The show's over. I can't remember the last time that has happened."

"What's that?" Said John, in disbelief, with Bradley adding: "Full house, £11,000, that is spectacular."

And viewers were just as shook, with one writing: "Yes John, what a player 👏 #TheChase."

While another said: "Well done John #TheChase."

And a third added: "YEEEEESSSSS...Brilliant, John... #TheChase."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "This guy John is amazing. £11,000 on his cash builder."

"11 out of 11. What a machine, John, well played," said a fifth.

While a sixth added: "WOW, 11 for John in the cashbuilder. Bloomin amazing! #TheChase."

Bradley was shocked (

Others suggested John sign up for Beat The Chasers, where contestants go head to head with all of the Chasers at once, instead of just one.

Meanwhile some even called for John to become a Chaser himself.

One wrote: "John should apply for #BeatTheChasers now! #TheChase."

While another said: "How long until they bring John in as the seventh chaser? #TheChase."

In other telly news, we told you about Mark Labbett's sweet gesture towards one of the contestants during a show last month.

John took on Mark Labbett (

One of the four hopefully quizzers was Annah, a partially blind contestant hoping to win her share of the jackpot prize.

But to make sure the playing field was level between himself and his adversary, Mark kept his eyes closed when host Bradley Walsh asked the questions.

You can read more on that here.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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