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ITV viewers left stumped over ‘impossible’ question on The Chase that caught out contestant

ITV viewers left stumped over ‘impossible’ question on The Chase that caught out contestant

They rushed to social media to share their outrage

Now, we all know that The Chase can be extremely tricky at the best of times and a downright nightmare at the worst, but it'd clear there's one question that caught out contestant that some ITV viewers reckon was totally 'impossible' to get right.

Back in 2022, retired planning manager Janet went up against expert quizzer Chaser Paul 'Sinnerman' Sinha after managing to get eight questions right in the cash builder round.

However, her next question seemed to be a whole other story with many fans rushing to social media to call for Janet to have another go on the game show, which sees hopeful participants compete against each other in a general quiz competition in order to win the prize money.

Janet made the decision to stay with her £8,000 offer before host Bradley Walsh asked her the allegedly 'impossible' question.

He asked her: "What is the approximate weight of the Earth in kilograms?"

The contestant was then given three options to choose as her final answers including; six quintillions, six sextillions or six septillions.

Janet ended up opting for six sextillions which sadly wasn't correct, prompting Chaser Paul to pick the correct answer - six septillions, although he did admit it was a 'total guess' as he had simply gone for the 'highest' number in the rundown.

"I don’t even know what that even means," admitted Bradley, before confirming: "The correct answer is six septillions. Fancy not knowing that."

And, luckily, it wasn't just Janet who was dumbfounded by the question as Bradley was equally baffled, asking: "How would you even weigh the earth?"

Viewers at home shared a similar sentiment with one social media user hitting out: "How was Janet supposed to know the weight of the earth???"

Janet was asked how much the Earth weighed on The Chase.

They continued: "Pop it on a pair of kitchen scales ???? Ridiculous #thechase bring her back, questions are supposed to be factual not estimated clap trap!"

A second slammed: "Terrible and stupid first two questions for Janet on #TheChase."

And, a third chimed in: "#TheChase this past while it seems that the questions given to good players are ridiculous. Almost as if they’re trying to get rid of them."

“Unlucky Janet tough questions," sympathised a fourth while a fifth claimed: "The Chase rolling out the impossible questions stop any progress. It's so blatant."

A final social media echoed: "Janet was done up like a kipper. Those questions were totally guessing ones. What a fix."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/The Chase

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