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Squid Game Fans Spot Actor 'Fake Eating' In Scene

Squid Game Fans Spot Actor 'Fake Eating' In Scene

How did we not notice this?

Squid Game is the South Korean thriller where people struggling with debt compete in a series of children's games to win prize money and also survive the fatal consequences of losing. It's been a smash hit and is set to be Netflix's biggest show ever.

But viewers have clocked the moment where one of the actors is fake eating.

Watch the clip below to catch the moment:

Did you see it? When the actor seems to eat up a spoonful of nothing?

Some couldn’t believe how eagle-eyed viewers had been: “How do you even notice the smallest details”.

“I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE”, exclaimed another TikTok user.

A commenter jested: “Ah yes I love eating thin air”.

Others were sure this was a mistake that would have the creators panicking: “Producer be sweating now”.

Viewers noticed something odd about this scene (

However, there were people in the comments who had a reasonable explanation for the ‘mishap’.

One person explained: “Usually they aren't allowed to eat so they'll play w/ the food or fake eat bc [sic] they have multiple takes at different angles and they could overeat/get sick”.

Another said: “When filming, actors don't usually eat because of continuity reasons”.

Squid Game is set to become Netflix's biggest show ever (

One commenter said it potentially helped with the actor’s performance: “Most of the times actors aren't eating in scenes like that. To avoid choking up on their next line or not being able to swallow the food in time.”

Someone else simply joked: “Nah he just forgot to scoop the food”.

Well, the more you know. We’ll make sure to keep an eye out for ‘food acting’.

The workers' outfits look like pretty familiar (

Viewers have also noticed something else about the show. The workers' outfits have been reminding some Squid Game fans of something a little closer to home.

Workers are made distinct from the players for their red hooded jackets and their black masks, which have either a circle, a square or a triangle on. And on Twitter, one person has likened the masks to the classic PlayStation controller.

“All I can think about every time I see them,” said Twitter user @rm_joonie00.

Have you watched Squid Game yet? You're in for a wild ride.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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