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Mum and daughter leave viewers stunned after hanging out together naked

Mum and daughter leave viewers stunned after hanging out together naked

Francia and her daughter Paula love walking around the house naked but some viewers are not convinced.

Viewers have been left in shock after watching a mum and her daughter reveal they spend most of their time together naked. Watch the clip below:

Paula, 27 and her mum Francia, 46, opened up about their close bond in an episode of the TLC docuseries sMothered.

The reality series, which is currently airing its fourth season, focuses on the intense bonds between mothers and their daughters.

Paula and Francia have Columbian roots and Paula explains that it’s not unusual to see your family members in the nude.

“In a perfect world, I would [spend] all the hours in the day with my mum, naked and in bed,” she tells the cameras.

“In Columbia, for you to see each other naked in your family, it is extremely common. We’re even closer because of that.”

In one scene, the duo are filmed as Paula gives her mum a healthy-looking green smoothie while naked.

Paula and Francia like to spend time together naked.

While some people at home were stunned, the pair would not change their bond. “Being naked with my daughter is so natural for me,” Francia explains. “I feel like our connection is that we are just one," she reveals. “I know everything about Paula. I know even when she goes to do number two.”

“Francia and Paula’s relationship makes me uncomfortable,” one viewer tweeted.

“#smothered someone explain to me why Francia and Paula feel like they’re a couple,” another confused viewer quipped.

One Twitter critic took particular offence to hearing about the mum and daughter discuss using the toilet at the same time. “#Smothered Francia and Paula spending time in bed naked together, let alone touching each other, is crossing the line,” they tweeted. “Where do they dig up these borderline incestuous moms & daughters? Simultaneously

pooping? Gross. These people need therapy.”

Another viewer asked: “Paula and her mama are weirdly too close. Why was she rubbing her legs?”

Someone else joked: “I need Paula to go get a hobby, therapy and a robe. Normally, nothing is wrong with walking around with naked, but it is with her. #smothered”.

Other people came to the pair’s defence, with one Instagram user responding to a clip with the comment: “

“It’s their life as long as they happy”.

sMothered is available to watch on Mondays at 9PM ET/PT on TLC.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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