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Sex And The City Fans Are Just Realising Willie Garson Was In Friends

Sex And The City Fans Are Just Realising Willie Garson Was In Friends

The more you know.

Fans of Sex and the City may have been watching And Just Like That, the reboot of the original series which shows Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte navigating life and love in their fifties.

The revival also saw the return of Stanford Blatch, Carrie’s best friend, who was struggling in his marriage to Anthony Marentino.

But did you know that actor Willie Garson has featured in more than one New York-based sitcom?

Watch the video below.

Yep, Willie featured in Friends as Steve Cera, who makes enemies with Ross shortly after he moves into his building.

In season five episode 16 of the iconic sitcom, ‘The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey’, Steve introduces himself to Ross as his new neighbour, and asks whether he’d like to donate to a retirement fund for the caretaker, who has worked in the building for decades.

Ross, however, argues that he shouldn’t have to donate as he doesn’t know the caretaker and so didn’t want to give him any money.

Willie played Steve in Friends (

Taking umbrage with his attitude, Steve refuses to invite Ross to the caretaker’s leaving party.

And to make matters even more awkward for Ross, Phoebe, who was just happening to swing by to help Ross move in, actually did donate to the caretaker’s leaving fund – leading to Ross’s new neighbours admitting they liked Phoebe more than him.

Many people discovered the news that Willie had been in friends after someone posted it in the Reddit thread: /howyoudoin.

“He’s definitely one of the more memorable guest stars imo,” wrote one fan.

Another agreed: “Damn did I hate [Steve] in this scene. Shows how good of an actor [Willie] was.”

Willie was written out of And Just Like That after just a few episodes.

Stanford was written out of And Just Like That (

His exit was shown off-screen, seeing Carrie reading a letter that explained Stanford had gone to Japan to represent a TikTok star.

Willie, however, bowed out of the show after falling ill with pancreatic cancer. He died in September last year, and is survived by his adopted son.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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