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Millennials Instantly Spot Musical Plot Hole In Netflix's Senior Year

Millennials Instantly Spot Musical Plot Hole In Netflix's Senior Year

Millennials are not happy about this...

Millennials have noticed a plot hole in Rebel Wilson's latest film Senior Year and they've taken to social media to complain.

The Netflix comedy stars the Australian actress as Steph Conway, a 37-year-old woman who wakens from a two-decade coma and decides to go back to high school to earn her diploma.

Senior Year is filled with pop culture references and nostalgic hits but some viewers are seriously bothered by the usage of one song in particular.

Young Steph, played by Angourie Rice, performs to A Moment Like This.

In one scene at the start of the film, young Steph, played by Angourie Rice, and her cheer team perform a upbeat routine to a remix of Kelly Clarkson's classic 'A Moment Like This' for the class of 2002 as they prepare to bid farewell to high school forever.

However, millennials have noticed that Kelly Clarkson's song, which she released as the winner's single from the first season of American Idol, was not released until September 2002.

With most American high school students graduating in May or June, it makes it virtually impossible for Steph's cheer team to know Kelly Clarkson's song, let alone choreograph a whole routine to it.

Rebel Wilson stars as Steph, a woman who awakens from a coma.

One fan commented: “Watched Senior Year on Netflix. But I can't help but notice the clear anachronism in the film. Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" was released in September '02, so the class of '02 wouldn't have known about this song until university. Either way, a nice guilty pleasure.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Watching #SeniorYear on @netflix and already a blatant error. They used A Moment Like This by @kellyclarkson in the cheer routine…in May 2002…when it came out in September 2002. Oops. @RebelWilson haha.”

While a third shared: “The song A Moment Like This didn't come out until September 2002. Stephanie was a senior in 2002 and her injury was May 20, 2002. So the Bulldog cheerleaders couldn't have that song in their routine. #SeniorYear #senioryearnetflix”.

Most viewers have been able to overlook the plot hole and despite the film's frosty reception by critics, Netflix viewers seem to be loving it.

Senior Year is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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