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Senior Year Fans' 'Blood Boiling' After Spotting Clueless Plot Hole

Senior Year Fans' 'Blood Boiling' After Spotting Clueless Plot Hole

Did you spot this?

Senior Year viewers are furious after spotting a Clueless-related plot hole in the new Netflix film after seeing Alicia Silverstone pop up more than once!

Check out the trailer for the film here:

The comedy stars Rebel Wilson as a high school cheerleader Stephanie who winds up in a coma right before prom. Waking up 20 years later, she returns to high school to complete her senior year, determined to be crowned prom queen.

In the film, Stephanie's bedroom is every 90s baby's dream, decorated from floor to ceiling with posters of Britney Spears, N'Sync and P!nk.

Later on in the film, viewers also spotted a poster for the hit teen rom-com Clueless. A harmless reference at first glance, but laterm when Clueless star Alicia Silverstone appeared as Stephanie's Uber driver, people found themselves rewinding the film to make sure they had really seen her film poster in Stephanie's bedroom.

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot this tribute to Clueless.

After connecting the dots, fans took to Twitter to discuss the infuriating plot hole.

One tweeted: "Omygod. That part in Senior Year where Steph has a poster of Clueless on her door and the fact that Alicia Silverstone has a role by the near end of the movie?? UHM".

And a second admitted: "#SeniorYear almost broke my brain as it shows a CLUELESS poster on Stephanie’s (Rebel Wilson) bedroom wall featuring Alicia Silverstone… who then shows up later as an Uber driver not named Alicia Silverstone."

A third viewer penned: "Senior year on Netflix was a cute little thing but it has my blood boiling for no real reason. She has a clueless poster on her wall which means that it in fact exists in the universe and yet here goes Alicia silverstone not playing herself. I strongly dislike that."

And a fourth said: "I’m watching Senior Year and it’s so funny that she’s got a Clueless poster in her bedroom but Alicia Silverstone is in the movie as an actual character."

Alicia has got to grips with her driving license.

Meanwhile, other viewers were more focused on the fact that Alicia Silverstone played an Uber driver in Senior Year, when she was famously referred to as "a virgin who can't drive" in Clueless.

“The irony of @AliciaSilv being an Uber driver in Senior Year on @netflix when she’s a 'virgin who can’t drive' should be appreciated by all millennials,” one viewer wrote.

“Alicia Silverstone as the Uber driver in Senior Year was the best part lmfao,” echoed another. 

You can watch Senior Year on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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