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Selling The OC Will Drop On Netflix This August

Selling The OC Will Drop On Netflix This August

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The good news for Selling Sunset fans keeps rolling in – Netflix has just announced the spin-off Selling the OC will debut in August. Watch the trailer below:

The new series was created by Adam DiVello, the mastermind behind the mothership series and the Florida-based spin-off Selling Tampa.

Like the two existing series in the Selling universe, Selling the OC will follow the lives of a group of luxury real estate agents and the drama that unfolds behind closed doors.

The official synopsis reads: “A fresh set of realtors square off, competing to establish themselves at The Oppenheim Group’s second office on the Orange County coast. Will the pressure prove too much for these agents to handle?”

Consider us intrigued.

While Selling Sunset focuses on dwellings in Los Angeles, Selling the OC will whisk viewers to Newport Beach, Orange County.

Selling the OC will have a brand new cast.

There will be a host of new faces, including: Alex Hall; Alexandra Jarvis; Alexandra Rose; Austin Victoria; Brandi Marshall; Gio Helou; Kayla Cardona; Lauren Brito; Polly Brindle; Sean Palmieri; and Tyler Stanaland.

While these names may not mean much to you right now, we can’t wait to see who may become the next Christine Quinn.

Speaking of Christine, Netflix also announced today (23 June) that Selling Sunset fans will be blessed with not one but two brand-new seasons.

Yes, the hit reality show will be back on our screens for season six and season seven.

While the sixth season was confirmed at the end of the season five reunion last month, the seventh season is the cherry on top that we did not know we would get so soon.

The streaming service made the announcement in a tweet that also revealed that production on the hit show will begin this summer.

Selling Sunset, which premiered in 2019, gives viewers an insight into the lives of luxury estate agents as they sell homes in some of Los Angeles' most desirable locations.

However, the main draw is arguably the drama that brews between the agents in-between listings and house viewings, with Christine often at the centre.

After a rollercoaster of a fifth season, Christine confirmed in an exclusive interview with Tyla that she plans to return to the Netflix series despite leaving the Oppenheim Group.

When Christine failed to show up for the first-ever cast reunion, many viewers had concluded that the How to be a Boss Bitch author was out for good.

Christine told Tyla last month: "I'm no longer with the Oppenheim Group, I've terminated my contract so I could put my brokerage license over to my company, which is So I do not work for the Oppenheim Group in any capacity.

"However the show is a different entity. That's Netflix and that's television which I always love and I'm always going to be a part of."

Selling the OC drops 24 August on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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