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Selling Sunset Fans Losing It Over Christine's Birthday Comment

Selling Sunset Fans Losing It Over Christine's Birthday Comment

This is so awks!

The new season of Selling Sunset is filled with dramatic moments, with most of the controversial scenes usually revolving around Christine Quinn.

Fans have now taken to social media to relish in a hilarious moment between Christine and fellow Oppenheim Group realtor and office manager Mary Fitzgerald.

Watch the clip below:

We’re all wondering – did Mary actually know it was Christine’s birthday?

The video has gone viral across social media platforms and we can totally see why. It would have been so awkward if Mary actually forgot her former BFF’s special day. 

The two realtors sat down for lunch after a series of catty confrontations between Christine and the other agents at the Oppenheim Group.

The hilarious birthday scene happens in the fifth episode of season five, titled “Do You Think We’re Friends?”

Mary, as the new office manager, attempts to intervene after Christine and Chelsea Lazkani’s disastrous event erupts into chaos after Amanza Smith gets into a heated exchange with Christine.

Did Mary Fitzgerald know it was Christine's birthday? (

Tensions between Christine and Chrishell Stause and Emma Hernan also reached boiling point, leading to new cast member Chelsea attempting to calm the situation down after Christine walked away upset.

Mary, who was also at the event, warned Christine: “I’ll remove myself from the situation but in the office, I expect to be professional.”

Christine added: “I just wish for one night, you guys could be professional and I really would’ve appreciated that. So, thank you so much for coming guys. Monsters."

The next time Christine and Mary meet is for lunch, leading to the awkward Birthday exchange.

One fan said: “Mary gathered her the entire scene.”

Another Selling Sunset viewer quipped: “I screamed at that too dhfjshdhd her final grasping at straws moment”

A third shared: “I was waiting for Christine to say 'JK it’s actually not'".


A fourth repeated Mary's savage quip after Christine asked if she knew it was her birthday. "I gagged when Mary hit her with the 'what, want me to throw you a party?'"

One fan penned: “I SO wanted Mary to say 'Do you know when MY birthday is?'"

Another Twitter user said: “I like Mary but she lied to Christine…not once did she mention her birthday or said happy birthday."

What do you think?

Selling Sunset is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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