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Riverdale Fans Have A Very Convincing Theory That Hiram Is Still Alive

Riverdale Fans Have A Very Convincing Theory That Hiram Is Still Alive

Could he have survived?

Warning: Major Riverdale spoilers ahead!

After a brief hiatus, Riverdale is back on Netflix with brand new weekly episodes, and creators gave patient fans a LOT to talk about upon its return.

Aside from Betty and Archie solidifying their couple status (and having supernatural powers?) and Cheryl Blossom launching into her villain era, one of the main talking points was the death of main antagonist Hiram Lodge.

And although Hiram's death was confirmed on screen, fans are convinced that Veronica's dad is still alive.

Watch the scene here:

Hiram has been a key villain in Riverdale since he first appeared in season two. As well as his deadly vendetta against Archie Andrews throughout the series, Hiram also turned Riverdale into a grim ghost town when Archie and his pals went their separate ways after high school.

Eventually, the straw that broke the camel's back was a bomb that Hiram allegedly organised to blow up Archie's house.

After learning of his latest attempt to kill her ex-boyfriend, a furious Veronica organises a hit on her father in a blind rage.

But after watching Reggie grieve for his dead father, Ronnie has a change of heart and calls hitman Anatol in the hopes of calling off the bounty. But before she can get a word out, he confirms that he has already finished the job and Hiram is dead before telling her to check her emails for proof.

People are convinced Hiram is still alive. (

Despite the confirmation of Hiram's death, and the look of horror viewers catch on Veronica's face when she sees the evidence, fans don't believe for one second that Mr Lodge is really dead.

And knowing Riverdale, they're definitely right to be suspicious. Stranger things have happened, after all.

Taking to Twitter after the episode concluded, one fan wrote: "Zero chance I’m believing Hiram is dead until I see a body, but my heart is still breaking for V #Riverdale".

A second added: "I don’t believe they killed Hiram off screen after all that #riverdale."


A third suspicious fan tweeted: "I don’t believe they killed Hiram off screen after all that #riverdale".

While a fourth argued: "i won't believe that hiram is gone like THAT man is indestructible."

Hiram was killed off-screen. (

A fifth fan theorised: "ok lowkey don’t think hiram is actually dead #riverdale".


The CW series is notorious for bringing characters back from the dead for surprise twists and supernatural specials, so we're definitely not ruling out the possibility that Hiram is still alive.

Riverdale continues on Sunday, 27th March on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: The CW

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