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Riverdale Season 6: Fans Have A Dark Theory About Betty And Archie Following Bomb Explosion

Riverdale Season 6: Fans Have A Dark Theory About Betty And Archie Following Bomb Explosion

This actually makes sense.

Warning: spoilers ahead

Riverdale season six is in full swing and it's fair to say the series has gotten off to a creepy start.

However, with the first few episodes taking place in alternative worlds, the question of whether Archie and Betty survived season five's explosive finale is still unanswered.

Now fans have developed a chilling theory that the pair may be experiencing some feverish coma dreams...

After Hiram planted a bomb at the end of season five under Archie's bed to harm Archie and Betty - and also punish his daughter Veronica for turning on him - fans were left wondering how the two would survive.

Watch the trailer for season six below:

The start of season six is a five-part horror series of episodes that takes place in the alternate-universe Riverdale town of Rivervale, before the rest of the season continues in January.

These first episodes fully delve into the supernatural and spooky with one of them having Cheryl Blossom cutting the heart out of Archie in a fertility ritual after he impregnates Betty. (We know, pretty intense).

The first episode set the series off to a horrifying start (
Netflix/The CW)

To explain why these horror episodes are taking place, fans have predicted that they'll be revealed as the coma dreams of Archie, Betty or both.

One Riverdale fan shared: "I get that either Archie or Betty (probably Archie) is in a coma after the explosion and is experiencing this “dream” of Rivervale but damn that was f**ked up. We are in for a few weird / creepy episodes."

Will Betty and Archie have survived the last season? (
Netflix/ The CW)

Someone else weighed in: "It's a coma! Like I've been saying for weeks. And the bomb ticking is a definite sign of that! A dream universe taking place in Archies mind or all their minds and 6x01 was Archies POV. The bomb ticking was breaking the wall between riverdale and rivervale."

Season six is off to a wild start already with these horror episodes (
Netflix/The CW)

In fact, loads of fans are behind this theory: "In regards to tonight's #Riverdale or #Rivervale episode who also thinks that Betty and/or Archie are in a coma from the bomb and season 6 will pick up from them waking up from the coma??I really think this is how they can have the 5-episode Rivervale Event."

However, creator and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tells Variety that "Archie is not in a coma because of the bomb".

That still doesn't cross Betty off the list though...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/The CW

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