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Riverdale Fans Outraged As Kevin Attempts To Take Baby Anthony Away From Toni In Shock Twist

Riverdale Fans Outraged As Kevin Attempts To Take Baby Anthony Away From Toni In Shock Twist

What the hell, Kevin?

Riverdale fans found themselves outraged when watching the most recent episode of the hit teen drama series.

The Ghoulies abduct baby Anthony at the behest of Percival Pickens, and as the baby is later reunited with his mother Toni Topaz, there is a shock twist as Kevin announces he will be filing for sole custody of Anthony.

Toni gave birth to Anthony as a surrogate mother for Fangs and Kevin, but by the time the baby was born Fangs and Kevin had broken up, leading to Fangs and Toni deciding to raise the child together.

Fans have taken to social media to discuss the episode, with one sharing screenshots of the scene saying: "this broke my heart #riverdale"

Another wrote: "I’m gonna FIGHT Kevin if he dares take that baby away from Toni #Riverdale."

"No because what did toni ever do to deserve all this i swear #riverdale" added a third.

Fans were not happy with Kevin this episode (

Others suggested that perhaps Kevin isn't in control of his decisions and that Percival Pickens may be manipulating him with his mind control powers.

One fan posted: "Kevin would never file for sole custody. He didn’t even want to be a father. I don’t think this is his idea. #Riverdale"

"Kevin literally abandoned that kid but is allowed to apply for custody how exactly?" Added another.

This theory holds some weight as Percival spent much of the episode targeting Toni - getting her removed from the town council, having Fangs arrested, and attempting to have her killed.

Toni became the primary target of Percival Pickens this episode (
The CW)

Percival's campaign against Toni is set to continue in the next episode, the synopsis reads: "To get the town of Riverdale out from under Percival's grip, Archie, Jughead and Betty devise a plan to turn Archie into a modern-day folk hero by performing a series of impossible feats.

"Meanwhile, Percival takes aim at Veronica, Toni and Tabitha, pitting them and their businesses against one another. Finally, after falling ill, Cheryl makes a surprising discovery about herself."

What this will mean for baby Anthony remains to be seen...

Featured Image Credit: The CW

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