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Princess Diaries 3 is officially happening

Princess Diaries 3 is officially happening

The Princess Diaries fans are jumping for joy at the confirmation of a third movie.

The Princess Diaries fans are jumping for joy at the confirmation of a third movie.

In what I personally think is the most exciting news of the whole of 2022, The Princess Diaries 3 has been announced by Disney as officially being in the works.

Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) may have just wanted to pass tenth grade, but there's a whole lot more in store for her yet.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004), set five years after the first release, sees Mia graduate from university, attend a ball to try and find an eligible bachelor before her 21st birthday and face mounting pressure to marry in order to be next in line for the throne.

With Mia wrapped up in a whirlwind of love drama, Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) has some of her own, having desperately tried to deny her feelings for staff member Joe (Héctor Elizondo).

Mia's wedding leads to a runaway bride but ultimately does end in marital vows being exchanged, and Mia defies expectations and combats old-fashioned societal rules, but as all good rom-coms end, still finds love.

The film ends with Mia opening a children's home - so what could be next?

Fans have been left itching with anticipation over the confirmation of a third 'Princess Diaries'.
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Well fear not, because unlike the announcement of another Mean Girls - The Princess Diaries 3 is not set to be a reboot, with sources having said it will continue on from the story of Mia and her journey as not only a Princess, but more recently, the Queen of Genovia, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

However, don't get your hopes up quite yet. While Hathaway has been publicly vocal in her support of the series getting a third film, the actor is yet to have a confirmed deal to return.

It would be impossible to imagine a continuation of the series without Hathaway, so here's hoping she confirms her return after The Princess Diaries 3 moves past the script stage.

Sources have said the film will continue on from the first two of the series rather than being a reboot.
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The script for the third instalment of the film is said to be being written by Aadrita Mukerji - whose previous work has included Super Girl and New Girl.

Debra Martin Chase - who produced the first two films alongside the legendary Whitney Houston and Mario Iscovich - will be returning to produce the third movie.

The film is also being developed by Disney.

While much is yet to be confirmed, Princess Diaries fans are over the moon with the announcement of a third film, flocking to social media in anticipation.

One Twitter user said: "THE EARLY 2000s ARE COMING BACK."

"If this has a brand new cast I'm not watching it, It needs Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews even though she's 87 years old," another said.

A third echoed: "Will Anne/Mia have a daughter?! I dont care if theyre in their 80s, Dame Julie and Hector Elizondo better be in it. It might be fun to see actors from the first film now like Chris Pine and Mandy Moore."

A final resolved: "WE WON."

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