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Penn Badgley Spotted Filming Season Four Of Netflix's You In The UK

Penn Badgley Spotted Filming Season Four Of Netflix's You In The UK

Penn has been filming in London for

As if we weren't already excited enough for the fourth season of Netflix's You to drop, fans have spotted star Penn Badgley filming for the drama series in London.

Watch the clip here:

TikToker Vanessa Cabal (@vanesssacabal2) was looking out the window of her London apartment when she spotted a film crew working on her street.

It wasn't until she whipped out her phone to film the scene that she realised she was looking at Penn Badgley – aka Joe Goldberg himself.

Sharing the video to TikTok, she wrote: "When I realised they were filming You outside my bedroom window."

Fans of the series were admittedly pretty jealous of Vanessa for getting to see Penn in the flesh, and we can't exactly blame them.

"I would’ve flew out my window," commented one viewer.

"You're better than me I would have started shouting ‘we love you’, when filming ended," confessed a second.

"Not you doin a 'you' on Joe," joked a third, pointing out the irony of Vanessa's secret recording.

Penn has been spotted filming for 'You' in London.

Meanwhile, other TikTokers revealed that they, too, had seen Penn bopping about London while filming the fourth season.

"I saw them filming in Notting Hill the other day," shared one fan. "I fully stopped to stare. Felt like a stalker."

A second admitted: "I’ve seen him twice this summer in London, first at the Regent St Apple Store then again in Notting Hill."

And a third joked: "We’ve basically seen the entire season at this point. He’s been everywhere around London."

Netflix UK & Ireland announced back in March that filming had officially commenced for the season four.

There's been no hint just yet as to when we can expect the new slate of episodes to hit the streaming service, but we're crossing our fingers for the end of 2022.

When we last saw Joe he was a newly single dad, after things with his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) ended on... unfavourable terms.

But, ever the trooper, Joe is holding out hope for romance, and has his sights set on librarian Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) as his next victim, er, lover?

Netflix started filming for the fourth season back in March.

Marienne and Joe engaged in a passionate affair while he was still begrudgingly married to Love, and did everything he could to make her happy – including helping her to get back custody of her daughter.

When things came to a head between Joe and Love, Love took the opportunity to ruin his shot with Marienne by warning her about his obsession. She told Marienne that it was Joe who had killed her ex-husband and celebrated news anchor Ryan, and told her to run for the hills.

Marienne was Joe's latest obsession.

Marienne didn't need to be told twice, and fled town with her daughter.

However, after successfully faking his own death and *ending things* with Love once and for all, Joe was seen in the closing moments of season three walking the streets of Paris, searching for Marienne.

How Joe ends up moving from Paris to London is anyone's guess. But hopefully we'll get to the bottom of his plotting sooner rather than later!

Seasons one to three of You are available to stream now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/vanesssacabal2

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