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Paige's Family Speak Out After Coco's Claims She Was 'Unkind' In The Villa

Paige's Family Speak Out After Coco's Claims She Was 'Unkind' In The Villa

They have insisted that there are two sides to every story.

Paige might have made it to the final four couples in this year's season of Love Island, but her journey inside the villa has not been plain sailing.

Now, her family have hit back at dumped islander Coco's claims that the paramedic, 24, was 'unkind' to her during her brief stint on the show. Watch Paige send Danica and Indiyah away:

The comments come after Coco said on Wednesday (July 27) that Paige had 'problem with her' and allegedly described her as being a 'four out of 10' in the looks department, as reported by The Sun.

However, Paige's family have now insisted that there are 'two sides' to every story and that fans should reserve judgement as Paige cannot currently defend herself.

They wrote: "Told myself I wouldn't say anything but here I am lol…

"Please remember there are two sides to every story. It's very easy to talk about someone who cannot defend themselves.

"Those who know and love Paige know she's an amazing person and I for one couldn't be more proud of her."

Coco was briefly coupled up with Andrew.

After her comments caused some to be negative about Paige, Coco spoke out again and insisted that she wasn't bullied by the islander.

The 27-year-old then urged viewers to be kind when discussing the show and said that she should have never publicly aired her grievances with Paige.

She explained: "I don't like to see negativity towards any Islander. Paige did not bully me and I haven't said this once!

"When I left the villa I thought me and Paige were getting on really well but since this comment she made has come to life and the whole 4/10 story has been explained. I am obviously confused, that's all I was addressing."

Coco continued: "This is for me to take up with her directly and I should have never shared my sadness on this situation with you all."

Paige and Adam's connection has grown at a rapid pace.

The dumped islander explained that she wasn't just left upset by Paige, but by viewers, who brutally trolled her for her looks.

She said: "To have all the comments made about my appearance and stuff, it's like, I’ve already been rejected on national TV, I really feel like I've had a confidence knock in there. It was really hard."

Last night saw Paige and her partner Adam go for the final date, which the producers seemingly spared no expense with, and they opened up to each other on a yacht.

They admitted that they weren't going to 'play it cool' with each other anymore and that neither of them had ever felt such a strong connection so early into a relationship.

Love Island comes to an end early next week. Who do you want to be crowned the winners?

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