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People Are Calling For Paige And Jacques To 'Leave Love Island Villa' After 'Rude' Comment

People Are Calling For Paige And Jacques To 'Leave Love Island Villa' After 'Rude' Comment

Love Island fans aren't too pleased with this couple.

Love Island fans aren't too pleased with Jacques O'Neill and Paige Thorne after Wednesday night's episode (29 June), and are calling for the couple to be sent home in the next public vote.

The calls kicked off after the villa's most recent recoupling, when Paige rushed to comfort new girl Antigoni Buxton, who was visibly upset that fellow islander Danica Taylor had decided to couple up with Jay Younger, leaving her stuck in a couple with Charlie Radnedge. Fans were shocked with how Paige acted when Danica and Indiyah Polack attempted to join in on the girls' conversation. Watch the moment here:

When they first coupled up, the loved up paramedic and rugby player were a fan favourite within the villa, winning viewers' hearts with their adorable flirty banter and one raunchy night in the hideaway.

However, in more recent days, fans have seen another side to the couple and are hoping to see the pair pack up their suitcases sooner rather than later.

It all kicked off earlier in the week, when a dirty dancing challenge got islanders' heart rates up. But when it was revealed that Jacques' heart was raised the most by his ex-girlfriend Gemma Owen, Paige struggled to hide her disappointment.

When the couple finally had a moment of privacy to discuss the result, Paige was reluctant to tell Jacques that the results had upset her. But when she finally admitted her feelings, viewers were shocked to hear Jacques call her 'pathetic', before admitting just moments later that Gemma's dance made him think about their sexual history.

The couple were on thin ice after the incident, and things only got worse for them on Wednesday night when a surprise recoupling saw Danica decide to couple up with Jay, despite an earlier conversation in which he made it clear he was more interested in Antigoni.

Danica was sent away by the girls after the recoupling.

Danica picking Jay left Antigoni to couple up with Charlie, who has not yet piqued any of the girls' interests. Upset after the recoupling, Antigoni expressed her disappointment to Paige, Gemma, and Tasha Ghouri.

When Danica and Indiyah tried to join the girls' conversation, Paige turned towards them and asked them to come back later.

Fans were unimpressed by the 'rude' move on Paige's part, and took to Twitter to discuss.

"That was quite rude and pathetic of Paige to talk like that towards the other girls approaching," wrote one viewer. "If you have something to say.. say it to the girls face. It's a competition kmt."

A second added: "Nah Paige...that was rude. Sending Danica and Indiyah away like that. Idc how nice she tried to sound."

And a third tweeted: "that was a bit rude from paige ummm."

Paige and Jacques are in viewers' bad books.

Between Paige's 'rude' comment and Jacques behaviour, some viewers are now calling for the duo to be next to leave the villa.

"If Paige and Jaques aren't in the bottom I will actually be so upset, they need to be sent home," tweeted one unimpressed fan.

"Paige and Jacques on the next flight home please xx" wrote another.

By the end of Wednesday night's episode, viewers were asked to vote for who they think is the most compatible couple in the villa. Could the public vote send Paige and Jacques home sooner than we think? Or will they have time to redeem themselves?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVhub.

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