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Love Island Fans Are 'Calling Ofcom' Over Paige's Heart Rate Costume

Love Island Fans Are 'Calling Ofcom' Over Paige's Heart Rate Costume

Love Island fans are sharing their thoughts about Paige's Baywatch wig

The infamous heart rate challenge returned to our screens during Tuesday's (28 June) episode of Love Island, but fans are now airing their thoughts about Paige Thorne's wig.

The challenge sees the contestants try to raise each other's heart rates by dressing up in various different costumes and performing cheeky dances.

Paige served up a Pamela Anderson-inspired Baywatch look, with a platinum blonde wig and a red swimsuit and a matching life buoy.

Paige wore a Pamela Anderson-inspired outfit.

The costume has divided fans on social media, with some praising the retro beach look while others believe the producers could have chosen something better.

One fan jokingly threatened to call Ofcom. They wrote: "Paige is unbelievably leng and they gave her that as a costume? Nah I’m calling Ofcom".

Another viewer compared the costume to Mary Bedford's Little Mermaid costume in last year's heart rate challenge. "Why do the producers all have to do one girl dirty with their costume," they tweeted. "Last year it was mary this year it’s paige with that wig".

Similarly, one person compared Paige's wig to Mary's. "Paige’s wig is giving Mary’s Little Mermaid costume," they said.

Meanwhile, some Love Island fanatics were completely sold on Paige's new look, with one woman writing: "Paige’s Baywatch costume has just put mine to shame. *adds blonde wig to Amazon basket."

After performing a dance for all the boys, Paige raised Dami Hope's heart rate the most. The 24-year-old paramedic from Swansea is currently coupled up with Jacques O'Neill, whose heart rate was raised the most by his ex-girlfriend Gemma Owen.

When it was time for the boys to get dressed up and perform, Paige's heart beated the most for Luca Bish, who is coupled up with Gemma.

There was certainly some awkward silences after the results came in.

Love Island fans were not happy with Paige's wig.

Following the challenge, many are convinced there's unfinished business between the pair, with one writing on Twitter: "Gemma & Jacques deffo [sic] have unfinished business."

Meanwhile, others pointed out that Jacques was able to raise Gemma's heart rate despite only giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Guys if you deep that Jacques only kissed Gemma on the cheek, you will know girl is still in love with that man," said one Twitter user.

A preview of tonight's episode revealed there will be a recoupling, with the girls choosing who they want to recouple with.

"You've got the power tonight, Ekin," Davide can be heard saying. Many viewers have suspected there is also unfinished business between them, especially after Davide's heart rate was highest for Ekin-Su during the challenge.

Ekin-Su is currently coupled up with Charlie, so fans will get to see whether she will remain in her couple or choose to give things another go with Davide.

Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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