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Open House Viewers Are Just Realising Where They've Seen Precious Before

Open House Viewers Are Just Realising Where They've Seen Precious Before

We knew we'd seen her somewhere before!

Open House: The Great Sex Experiment viewers are just realising that they've seen Precious Muir on another Channel 4 programme before.

The 37-year-old has joined the six-part series as one of the residents at a swanky mansion retreat for couples who want to experiment with opening up their relationships.

However, after eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Precious looked very familiar, it was quickly uncovered that the London girl had previously appeared in Channel 4's The Circle.

Although Precious is just one of many sexy singletons in the Open House mansion, she has quickly become one of the most popular, and has already been invited to join two different couples for a threesome in the space of just two episodes.

In episode one, Precious was propositioned by young couple Nathan and Mady - leading to disastrous results when Nathan's vision didn't exactly go to plan.

But in last Friday's episode, Precious was called upon yet again by married couple Mike and Jess, after forming a connection with the pair.

Precious previously appeared on The Circle. (
Channel 4)

Precious's popularity at the Open House retreat got viewers at home talking, trying to figure out where they had seen her before.

One viewer tweeted: "Precious looks so familiar?!? What other show did she appear in?! #OpenHouse #channel4".

Another, who had already connected the dots replied: "The circle!"


One vindicated fan commented: "I knew I recognised Precious!!! She was on The Circle few years ago!"

Yes, indeed. Precious took part in season one of Channel 4's The Circle UK, in which players competed against each other to become the most popular, but would never actually meet.

During her time on the show, she portrayed a younger, 25-year-old version of herself to the other contestants, and did her best to stir the pot.

Arriving to The Circle halfway through the series, Precious only appeared in a few episodes before she was blocked.

Open House: The Great Sex Experiment continues on Channel 4 on Friday 15th April at 10.30pm.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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